School routine planner

Getting back into a routine after the end of year school break requires some motivation and organisation skills.  Having chore charts, schedules and a simple system can help the children to become organised, have everything in order and be ready for the following  weeks and school terms ahead.

With every school year, new challenges arise for the children and the entire family.  Whether it be a child beginning Kindergarten/Prep or High school for the first time, moving schools or just changing grades.  If one is organised prior to this, the first week or two back at school can run smoothly.

At the beginning of the school year, notes are sent home or timetables written in diaries; yet when one has a large family and perhaps lots of children attending school, keeping up with what day they do sport, attending the library or even art and craft days can be very difficult to remember.  Sometimes scheduled days of sport can be changed halfway through the term too, so having an easy routine planner is the way to go!

Making a simple routine chart couldn’t be any easier thanks to the new Scotch Restickable Mounting range. Charts, labels and names can be stuck just about anywhere and to a variety of surfaces such as stainless steel, plastic, concrete, glass, wood and more.

Here is a simple idea for making a weekly SCHOOL ROUTINE PLANNER.  Print or hand write your children’s names. Colour coding the names are also a good idea especially if some of the little ones are still not able to read.

Print or write labels with the days of the week, activities and/or tasks.

Laminate and cut them all out, then start arranging to form a weekly calendar.  Having a large white board was helpful; however other surfaces can be used such as windows and some painted wall surfaces.  However, Scotch do not recommend using on wall paper, delicate surfaces or walls painted with flat paint.


The beauty of these Scotch Restickable Mounting range is they are unique, innovative and a lightweight-mounting product, perfect for hanging posters, photos, lists and securing objects and knick knacks.

The are can be easily cut to smaller sizes; and applied by little helping hands too.  My 8 year old boy helped stick all the tabs onto the back of our various laminated labels.

Scotch Restickables sit flush – allowing you to display your artwork proudly (in this case the routine planner), when removed Scotch Restickables remove cleanly and will not leave oil and an be washed with soapy water, rinsed and air dried.  They  restore stickiness and can be used time and time again; what fantastic money saver and no more blue tack!

Here is the finished SCHOOL ROUTINE PLANNER for a family of seven children.  The children also helped arrange the appropriate activity days in the correct positions on the board and it was easy enough to move and re stick too.

An A4 booklet wallet was also attached to the board for the extra labels.

The Scotch Restickable Mounting range is available in a variety of sizes, tabs, strips and sheets at a RRP of $4.95 which can be purchased at any Officeworks or Bunnings store nationwide.

Here are some other great uses of the product when it comes to organising in preparation for school.

Easily mount a Times Table Chart to a wardrobe door.

Stick labels onto tubs or storage boxes ~ shoe boxes and sports uniforms.

Label hanging areas for school bags, coats or hats (see the School bags, blazers & hat storage link)

Use them to create labels for the lunch making process


So what are you waiting for? This simple family routine planner could be created in any area of your home (and does not need to be as large as mine).  All it takes is imagination and creativity or perhaps you may wish to share your own organising tips ~ so don’t be afraid to comment below.


Disclaimer: I am participating in the 3M Scotch Restickable Tabs campaign. I received a VISA gift card for this post courtesy of 3M via Digital Parents Collective. I am also in the running to win an iPad Mini. As always, all opinions are purely my own.

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