Out with the old and in with the new.

In a life gone by, Mr Sabco Mop was strong, hard working and whizzed around the floor with ease. A day never went by without his aid whether it was sweeping dust or mopping those dirty floors. This poor wretched fellow has had a hard life; as you can see Mr Sabco Mop suddenly had a bit of a problem.  He had been working way too hard, doing  too many over-time shifts and was pacing himself into the ground.

This hard labour stunted his growth and hence he became tired, lazy and to the point his life was ‘short’ lived

Poor Mr Sabco Mop, tried to make a mends; he was desperate to ‘hold up’ his side of the bargain and get on with the ‘tall’ tasks at hand; he was forever trying to pull his weight, but he just seemed to ‘fall’ and ‘slide’ back ‘down’ to his old ways time and time again.

Unfortunately, Mr Sabco Mop just HAD to be replaced, therefore he was fired and thrown into early retirement.

You all the know the saying “out with the old and in with the new”, so sadly this had to be the case for Mr Sabco Mop, and he just had to go as he was not living up to the standards of his former brothers and sisters.  He did not have a leg to stand on and was not equip to ‘stand up’ to the older folk who relied on him.

Fortunately; his superiors came to the rescue and sent the young Super Swish Xtra  .

This bright, new, clean, tall and handsome young Super Swish Xtra won me over straight away.  He worked hard and strong, stayed proud and tall and in his stride was graceful and thorough. Nothing could make him fall, he was determined to stay firm while serving his new master….

Perhaps you are wondering what fate awaited Mr Sabco Mop; well he complained to the Employment Tribunal for unfair dismissal and a small but generous employee felt sorry for him.  Fortunately for him, he has been made use of again and is in the hands of a smaller generation, one  that appreciates his size and demure.  Mr Sabco Mop once again can work side by side with this younger partner.

Mr Sabco Mop will be the old (but short) dog, teaching MY young kiddies new tricks.

Thank you Sabco Australia for replacing my faulty mop, you guys are fantastic!

*This is not a sponsored post, or advertising for Sabco.  This is based on my own opinions and experiences with the product and company. Sabco were generous to offer me a free replacement for my faulty product and I highly recommend them for their service and generosity.


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