One of the best inventions in the kitchen (apart from Coffee Machines) :P

Who remembers making popcorn as a child (I know that was a long time ago for me).  Mum would pour a great deal of oil in the base of a saucepan, pre heat it, then pour in the popcorn kernels.  On went the lid and we would stand around patiently waiting for the popping sound.
At the end of the cooking process some got burnt, however, it was still a great treat.

Of course, when I had kids, I also use make popcorn this way too; however I never made it often because of the mess in the bottom of the saucepan from the burnt popcorn.  I also didn’t like the fact you had to use all that oil or butter.

I never took to using the microwave popcorn either, I have a thing about cooking in the microwave and I am sure the producers of these popcorn microwave bags must put preservatives in those packs (they would for them to sit on the shelves in the supermarkets). 

Only recently (2 years ago), I bought my daughter a popcorn maker for Christmas.  It was the best thing I ever did. It is so simple, no mess, no fuss and the kids can make it now without the aid of mum.  

We bought a Sunbeam Cornelius.  It takes less than 5 minutes to make popcorn too.

The above large freezer bag is full of three batches or
 3 x the scoop full above.

Thinking back to the old days; who remembers this song?
  When ever my dad had it playing we all use to race to mum “can we make popcorn”!