No more mess underfoot while driving

You no longer have a baby in the house, nor need to use those baby nappy sacks (rubbish bags) any more?  Well guess what, here is a simple idea which may make you go out and buy some more again!

Baby nappy sacks/bags are actually quite strong and can hold quite a bit (I managed to squeeze in 3 small nappies at one time or another).  Here is a simple idea and  an alternative use; these nappy bags are great to use as a rubbish bag while driving.

There are no smokers in our family (yet), however we use the ashtray all the time.  As most cars come with an ashtray; this is very simple ~ open the ashtray and the nappy sack/bag, fold a little bit of the bag over the opened ashtray door……


Close the ashtray door shut……And you have an instant hanging garbage bag.  


No more rubbish on the floor, under the passenger or drivers feet, its not in the way and is assessible to both people in the front seats of the car.   


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