My Sewing / Art Room

Having a special room to sew is a real treat and since doing our house renovations about 4 years ago, I was fortunate enough to request a sewing room all to myself.

Sewing is something I really enjoy ~ that is using a sewing machine and over-locker (not the knitting, crocheting or cross-stitching kind; although I will do tapestry and have a 14yr old project that I am still working on).

My mother enrolled me into my first dress making class when I was in year 7 or 8 (quite a few years ago) and it was the best thing she ever did.  As for my girls, I have not had the time nor patience to teach them yet.  A couple of my girls have had a basic demo and used the sewing machine (there is a small one for them to use) but it takes time and complete supervision when being taught to sew for the first time and this is not an easy task with the 7 kids.

During my high school days, I did Textiles and Design and made my year 10 formal dress, did quilting and made several outfits – who remembers the 80’s Rara (frill) skirts?

Before my first baby I made 3 x Pockets of Fun hanging door organisers.  I still use these, they are in perfect condition and have come in very handy over the many years.

This is our guest bedroom (with my original bed and quilt cover.  I made the Pockets of Fun behind the door to match the bed spread , the pictures on the hanger were APPLIQUÉD).

Below is hanging on the door of my sewing room; all my patterns, and bits and pieces stored inside.  The red bag ESPRIT bag is my rubbish bin!

The third one is behind a bedroom door in one of the girls rooms full of bits and pieces too!

When my girls were young I made several dresses, skirts and outfits for them.  I also made each child a PJ Pillow Bag too.

Sewing projects became far between and the odd skirt or dress was done on the occasion.  A few years back I made a year 12 formal dress for a friend (who was boarding with us at the time), I told her I will sew and make if you look after the kids (although, I didn’t really need to ask her, she was an angel and did so anyway).

This is the pattern, with the dress on the right hand side.



My sewing room is off our family room / kitchen area, so I can keep an eye on the rest of the family if I am in there.  It has two doorways; one from the main hallway and the other via my family room / kitchen.

Hallway entry

Before I show you the rest of the room; above I mentioned it being my Art room too. During my schooling years I did Visual Arts and most of my drawings and paintings I have kept and put around my home.  (I will post these another time). However all my art supplies, easel and some drawings are also in this room.  Those horse pictures are from my year 12 Major Work – Charcoal drawings.  One day I plan on starting up painting and drawing again (when I find time to myself).

My sewing area.  Left is the girls machine, middle my ALDI over-locker (which works really well) and right my Janome sewing machine.

This I picked up also from ALDI (double sided jewellery holder).

The opposite side of the room, a unfinished drawing sits in the corner on the right.

My material storage (more art things down on the left) the baskets are my mending (to do) piles.  I also have a long stitch picture that I need to hang on the wall (circle next to baskets).

So this is my special room.  My next step is start being creative again.  I have found some cute little projects on Pinterest and am hoping to get started on them soon. But first up, the girls have already picked out some material in the cupboard and want some new outfits!

Do any of you sew or have a special place for arts and crafts?