Monday Morning Madness

What is with kids and disrupting the school mornings; nothing ever seems to happen of a weekend morning *sigh*
This seems an appropriate time to actually do this!

Last Tuesday (see here) I also had “one of those mornings”.  So what happened this morning you ask?  (And of course  during the time before getting the kids ready and organised for school). 

How bout chewing gum in boy 5’s hair.  

Boy 7, stole gum from somewhere in the house, had it in his bed the night before (chewed and used by the way) it apparently rolled down to the bottom bunk (onto boy 5’s pillow) during the night.

You can image the grief this morning.  Not only did I have to give boy 5 a hair cut, I also had to try and scrub the gum from his forehead and eyebrows (with the trusty nappy wipes).  I am now hoping tonight’s bath will get the rest out.  

I suppose one consolation from all this is, that today is my sheet washing day and I was going to do them already.