Large family folding and clean washing system.

Washing is never ending in ANY household and of course, when one has a large family the loads are far greater and never ending.  The No Excuses household tends to keep on top of the washing and if you would like some tips on how to do so, please check out this link here.

Of course with every household, everyone has a different system for folding and putting away, therefore I would like to share how we keep our folded washing in order.

First of all, during the last 20yrs of my household duties, I have tried several different systems and used these baskets for quite a number of years, however over time the quality has deteriorated and as the children get older (and their clothes sizes bigger), these baskets have outgrown their use in our laundry.

As you can also see – our old system had outgrown itself:

After months of searching every store for something suitable, I came up with this solution……why not use SHOPPING BASKETS; hence I found these metal ones online and ordered 10.

Got rid of the old baskets (they are now being used under beds for other storage) and cleaned the bench area in the laundry.


I then created some name labels on my computer, laminated them and fixed each to a basket.

Then lined and stacked them up ready for use.  Being sturdy, they also stack with the handles folded to the middle. 

I am very happy with this new system as they are sure to keep the laundry tidy and in order too.



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