If only I had a safety pin….

You are not at home; your trousers or skirt has burst its zip or the elastic has gone. You have broken a nail, cut or jammed your finger or perhaps need to cut off a shopping tag or thread?  

If only you had a safety pin, a pair of nail clippers, scissors or even a bandaid.


Or what about that head ache you have developed, those wind burn lips or maybe you have got a blocked nose and/or sore throat.

If only you had some pain killers, lip balm or soothing cream or perhaps some vicks-vapor rub inside your handbag.


Now you are probably thinking, all the above would be great right? But image the mess it would make in the handbag.  And how are you I going to find and store all these extra things?  

Surely the scissors would be a deadly weapon and as soon as one rummages through the compartments and contents of the bag there would be a potential injury (then you would need to find those band aids).

Of course, you could do the obvious and just tip everything out, but then we are back to square one, A BIG mess!

But wait…. No Excuses does have an alternative!

How about a mini snack box.  

Mine is the pinkish Tupperware one at the front, however, there are other alternatives ~ here are a few other containers that also would work from my plastics box in my pantry.

The top two containers ~ décor

The bottom ~ Nude Food Movers


Have a look at what I can fit inside my little box:

Wound Wipes, band-aids, pain killers, lip balms, safety pins, nail clippers, nail scissors, tweezers and skin/wound ointment.

All fits nicely inside my little container.  


I also put the safety pins in a small ziplock bag ~ under the pills and scissors.

And it closes nicely too.

This is just the right size to fit inside my handbag (as seen in above photo).  

I don’t know how many times I have also helped out a friend (or stranger) with a safety pin, band aid or my scissors.  It is so handy that I don’t leave home without it!


So did you read above thoroughly? There is one item missing (from the list of things mentioned) that may be need in a handbag?


I carry this with me at all times too (it works wonders for sinus problems – just rub a little in or outside the nostrils).

Again, this is a Tupperware container, about the diameter of a 20 cent piece.

Wrapped in a old fashioned handkerchief..

Then stored inside a small ziplock bag.

And tiny enough to store inside the handbag!  


Now you have No Excuses! Just go and make your own first aid kit to go inside your handbag and never be without a safety pin or a band-aid again!