I cried a tear, you wiped it dry….

This evening, my 7 year old boy brought a small tear to my eye. Only yesterday, hubby left for his second stint in Mexico; this time he is gone for another 3 weeks.

During the time he was home over Christmas and new years (from 22nd Dec 2011 till 11th Jan 2012) every moment was spent with the family.  Hubby even took some of the kids camping (while mummy got a well deserved rest at home – I don’t do camping). Games were also played in the yard, cricket, bike rides etc. 

Hubby got the boys and girls involved in chores around the home, tidying outside, cleaning up the yards and gardening, and general maintenance in and around the home.  Hence our 3 little boys never left his side.

So daddy has only been gone a little while and this evening; my 7 year old gave me a hand written card to post to dad in Mexico.  He spent a few hours making this and on the 2nd attempt was satisfied with the result.

I scanned the front of the envelope and pasted onto a Auto Shape envelope.

So hubby, if you get a chance to read this (though I did email this card to you); this video is also for you.

Please be safe and see you soon.