Bread Machine Pizza Dough
140g Tin Tomato Paste
Tasty cheese
Sliced tomatoes
Sliced or diced capsicum
Sliced mushrooms
Diced Ham
Diced Chicken
Dried Basil
Green Olives
There is no rule to what to put on a pizza.  If I have left overs from the night before, I will use it on a pizza.  I have even put left over stir-fry, casserole/stews on a pizza, as well as baked potatoes or sweet potato, baked pumpkin all sliced are also great pizza toppings too.

Mozzarella, however, it is a little expensive.  So I always use tasty cheese and slice off a 1kg cheese block.  

I use one of these!
Here are the pizzas with the ingredients above.
The left has ham and the right chicken.

When you make fresh pizza dough, you should always cook them in a 230C oven for about 20 mins.