Home-made Pinata

So, I have our first and eldest boys birthday party tomorrow with lots of noisy boys coming for the day.  I had to call on a good friend of mine to ask “What do you do at a boys birthday party”?

Along with the games, food and cake…..it needs to be fun and active for the boys.

My girls have already worked out the schedule and will be taking over (yippee) the running of the day.

Some of the games planned are:  

Pass the Parcel
Musical Chairs
Throw the Gum Boot
Soccer Match
Packet Chips Hunt (instead of lollies)

And of course a party is not a party without smashing a Pinata.  

But, have you seen the prices of some of them $20 – $30 each (some even more).  So, my friend told me she made one from a cardboard box, wrapped it packing tape and decorated it.

So this is what I did and what you will need:

1 x box (I asked for one at a $2 bargain shop).
Wrapping paper or book covering contact 
(I used some leftovers I had in storage).
1 x roll of packing tape
1 x metal coat-hanger & pliers
Packed or paper covers lollies/sweets.

1.  With box open, using a the points of the pliers (or even a knife), poke two holes either side at the top of the box (below the folding flaps).

2.  Un-twist your coat-hanger into a straight pole of metal and thread through the two holes.

3.   Put the lollies/sweets you are using inside the box,   (you can also use toys – however take into consideration that the box is going to be smashed and beaten).

4.    Tape the box lids down.  And using your pliers, take the two ends of the pole, join and twist them around each other tightly. (This does not need to look neat and tidy).

5.   Decorate your box, with the contact, and streamers.  Also wrap streamers around the coat-hanger to hide the twist mess you made.

You can be creative, stick balloons on, or glitter etc.  This cost a total of $5.00 (for the streamers and tape).

The boys are going to love it!