Handy Hint – Lining a Spring Form Tin

Here is a simple way to to line a spring-form cake tin without having to drawer around the circle shape with a pencil or pen.

All you will need is:


Grease proof paper,scissors and canola / non-stick cooking spray.


 Remove the base of the tin and place it underneath the crease proof paper.

Then place the opened tin over the top of the paper.  Push the ring over the base and close the latch.

Next turn the tin over, and cut and trim around the base edge of the circle.  (Remember, it also doesn’t have to look ‘neat and tidy’).  

Next cut strips of crease proof paper, spray the inside walls with your non stick oil spray and stick your strips around the sides, you can also join them with smaller pieces if you don’t wish to waste any left over pieces of the paper.

I told you this was easy!