Today (and perhaps in next few weeks), I want to share  YouTube singers that I have found.

alpet07The voice of Holly Kirby is breath taking, soothing and memorising, the first video posted is how I found her (looking up LOTR – May it Be song).  The second song is my favourite and the bottom…. WOW (a mothers lullaby).

Hope you enjoy!
Music & Lyrics & Performance: Holly Kirby

Oh little one
Our arms are open wide
But pictures are so very large
Take all my heart
Just open your eyes
And wonder at all that you see

I know it’s not as easy as you’d like it to be
But give me all your strength and I will carry you through the years

On a boat of gold I’ll sail you
Through the stormy times ahead
Emerge into the sunshine
With a smile upon your face
You see the stars in all their glory
See the trees and fields of green
Let me tell you all my stories
Let me sing you into sweetest dreams

Gentle and sweet
The silence that you keep
A whisper of words yet to come
Time after time
I hush you with my rhyme
And kiss all your salty tears away

When darkness turns to light we know
The new dawn will be bright
And I’ll be there to hold you
When your dreams are out of sight