Feeling amazing and so much better…

It’s been almost 4 months since my Hysterectomy operation back in April 2015 and I thought I would write a follow up post (from this previous one), on how things have been going.  

Firstly let me just say, I FEEL AMAZING and without the proper rest and care I took during my recovery period, I probably wouldn’t feel as well as I do today.

For 7 weeks I rested and did not lift a thing.  I neglected ALL chores, did no washing and laundry (apart from a small amount of folding while sitting in a chair or on the couch when I was up to it), no sweeping, no vacuuming, no scrubbing etc and I rarely did any cooking.  I was able to abstain for all of the above because I trained my children to help and also had meals organised and in my chest freezer for the days my older girls were unable to cook a full meal.

I also organised a cleaner to come in and had my husband home for the first 2 weeks and my parents and niece stayed for the remaining; these extra helping hands, also cooked and ‘chauffeur’ drove everywhere, as I did not drive for a total of 7 weeks.  I did however, get out of the house for small trips to the shops (with someone taking me and of course I did not push the trolley or lift any bags in or out of the car). I also had the occasional meal out with hubby or took a day trip out with the family, however these trips were exhausting and it wasn’t until I hit the 6 week stage that I started to feel myself again and in fact BETTER than I have ever been in a very long time.

At 7 weeks I took the train (a half day trip) and stayed with hubby for a few days in the town of Ballarat (while my niece held the fort back at home).  While he worked during the day, I slept in and afterwards explored the town on foot.  I visited the Art Gallery, sipped coffee in café’s and of course hit the shops. Needless to say, I felt great and had never been able to walk so far prior to my operation (if only I had a activity tracker to count the number of kilometres and steps I did, for when using a phone app, it was depleting the battery life on my mobile). 

For the next 3 weeks I took it easy; although it was a huge transition from doing nothing to well and truly getting back to driving the kids to and from school, doing grocery shopping, getting to various appointments, chores and routines; MY EVERYDAY LIFE was again hectic and by the end of the day, I was exhausted!  

At 10 weeks PO (post operation), I went to a Pilates class with my Phyisotherapist mainly to help me ease back into exercising again and to strengthen my core.  I was going to do a 1hr class for 4 – 6 weeks, however I only got to this one session as for the next two weeks,  appointments kept coming up during the same time as the morning class.

By 11 weeks, I also found that I had enough energy and strength to return to my Boot Camp and was able to participate without any problems.  Of course I didn’t lift any heavy weights to start and was careful doing sit-ups (although I was surprised I could easily do these without any problem).  

I am 17 weeks or 4 months PO (as mentioned above) and have been exercising regularly again and attend Boot Camp 3 days ~ Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings and during the last winter school holidays, I was able to get to boot camp 4 days a week, which also included Tuesday and Thursday nights (I can only do this when there is no homework and after school commitments etc).

All in all,  I feel so much better and healthier than I have ever been in a very long time and what I have learnt so far from this experience is that REST is the key to recovering from this particular operation and even if you are an active person or feel you would not or could not ‘just do nothing’ for that amount of time (which really isn’t that long), this is my advice; DO NOT jeopardize your chance to be on your feet again, chores, housework or anything the Dr has instructed you not to do, IT IS NOT IMPORTANT OR WORTH IT, life is too short, we only have one body and we should look after it and take care of it to the best of our ability and knowledge.  

So if REST is what the Dr ordered, please do so for your sake and the well being of others, for you have only yourself to blame and No Excuses whatsoever!

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