Family Sacrifices

Some of you may have read my recent Facebook post regarding my hubby going away soon.  

In fact he leaves us on the 3rd December (for Mexico) and returns (on paper that is) 22nd December. Yes; you read it correctly….right before Christmas.  I am not sure how long he will be home for; but I think he then goes back again afterwards and will not return till the end of January 2012.  
Most people that know me; would probably say that I am a very organised person; however, let me tell you that after finding out hubbies travel plans; it has put a real damper on any Christmas preparations and holiday ideas I may have had in mind.  So at this point in time, I am not exactly sure what I am doing.  

On the other hand, there are many families that are also without their loved ones over the holidays. Some may even have them away over the whole Christmas period.

There are families that have a husband/father in the army or military serving their country. My heart goes out to those wives, mothers and children that are without their husbands/fathers; some are away from 6 to 12 months.  I can understand the grief and agony you must be feeling and can only hope you have the support from other friends and family to keep up your spirits.

Then there are also the single mothers, who again, have to raise their family on their own, this must also be hard not having anyone to share the many milestones with your growing children. A fan on my Facebook page added “the loneliness, work load and lack of someone to talk about your day, is our everyday reality.  But the hardest part is having nobody by your side to enjoy the children’s special moments with”.  Although, I have my husband home on most weekends, I can still relate to this single mother’s remark as well.  

There are also some families, where the man of the house works all hours of the day and night and perhaps only able to spend time with their children briefly before they fall off to sleep.  Others may only look in on them.

Most evenings; after my children have finally gone to bed (sometimes later than I would like); I spend my nights alone and awake to all hours of the night (on my laptop) just to get MY TIME and to have that peace and solitude I lacked during the day.  I also spend this time thinking of what I have planned for the long week ahead.

So for those of you who I may have touched with this small post this evening; I have not lost all hope and I am determined to get out my calendar and work out some sort of strategy of how I am to get through the next few weeks without my husband.  I know I will be fine (sort of), it is the children that will miss “dad” (especially my little boys).  

So if you are having a bad day, and the kids seem to be driving you a little crazy and you are waiting for your husband/partner to come home (perhaps he is late or stuck in traffic) shed a thought for us mums that have to stick it out on our own.

All the best and take care.

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