Family Sacrifices Part 2

I got some disappointing news today; news that will effect the whole family.

My hubby may have to delay his flight home.  He is meant to be here with us on 22nd Dec.  It is no one’s fault and part of the industry he works in.  

I am hoping and praying that all will turn out and we will see him the morning of the day in question.  I just know deep down that I have to hold back the tears and worry from the children and stand firm and positive about it all (although it doesn’t help when the kids keep going to the calendar and counting down the days each time either).

I really shouldn’t complain; family sacrifices are part of life. Talking about it also helps with the emotions though, bottling it up inside only makes things worse.

There is a positive from all of this; when hubby does return (whether it is before or long after Christmas), the happiness will be so overwhelming, the tears will flow freely and we will love him even more.