Facial expressions ~ especially when tasting new foods!

It was a cold and wet day again here in VIC.  My 3 year old sat glued to the couch watching his favourite DVD ~ BRUM.  

If ever you get a chance to watch this childrens programme, it is quite amusing (even funny in some scenes).
I often wonder how they would of auditioned the actors as none of them speak and their emotions are expressed via their facial expressions (even as they dance at the end of each episode their faces are hilarious).  This is probably why my son loves it so much I guess.

Anyway, back to my child sitting on the lounge.  After a little while he tugged on my arm…”lunch mummy, I want MY lunch”; I made him a quick peanut butter sandwich with a glass of milk and he then went off to bed for a midday nap.  Of course, I then figured I better have some lunch also, so luckily I had some La Zuppa Soup packs left in my pantry.

Today I tried the Creamy Chicken with Asparagus and Herbs
The heating instructions on these soups are so easy; just one minute in the microwave ~ remove and stir, then reheat for another minute and add salt and pepper (the black specks above are cracked pepper).  I found this soup very tasty, however the seal on this pack was quite difficult to open.

The other day opened one and squish; I had a lovely oozing orange mess down the front of my shirt, skirt and shoes. Some packs were easier to open than others, perhaps it’s just a manufacturing fault (or I am just a klutz).

La Zuppa was kind enough to provide me and some of my friends the opportunity to try their products.  This is what others have said (there was no arm twisting for these reviews either).  

La Zuppa – Creamy Chicken with Asparagus & Herbs Soup ~ “I have been given the pleasure via my friend at No Excuses!Easy Organising for Large families to try out this gourmet soup. The reason I call it gourmet is because that is the reaction you feel when eating it. It is so well made and delicious it is more like a soup ordered from a restaurant than something bought at a supermarket. The flavours are perfect, thick and rich – it’s more like a meal than a soup! I did not feel the need to have something to eat after it. You can see the real chicken and asparagus pieces inside the soup. The heating instructions on the label are very easy to understand and I had no need to add anything to it like Salt & Pepper. 

La Zuppa – Minestrone Soup ~ “This is my second review of these yummy gourmet soups. Having tasted this second soup I want to taste all of them. I never thought a supermarket soup could taste so good! ………..

I have never been the biggest fan of Minestrone, I prefer chicken flavoured soups but thought I would give it a try. I thought I would be the perfect critic and was ready to say how terrible it tasted, but I was proved wrong! From my first taste to the very last bight, I enjoyed everything about this soup. The aroma that came from the bowl was very flavoursome. Instead of seeing just a few vegetables floating here and there like many other packet soups you buy it was completely full, with a thick soup. There is no way you can slurp this soup. Another complete meal in a bowl. Well done La Zuppa, I can’t get enough of your soups!”


“Upon my next trip to the supermarket, without it even being on my mind I spotted the La Zuppa Soups on the supermarket shelf. This delighted me as all I could think was how yummy they were and that I had been lucky enough to try them. I was familiar with it instantly and it seemed to stand out from all the other boring looking cans sitting on the shelf. The packaging is so clear and fresh looking and it was sitting right at my eye level so it was very easy to spot”.

On the other hand, my friends husband, took the Minestrone Soup to work and he said this: 

I thought the Minestrone Soup was awful! When compared to home-made minestrone La Zuppa lost.  It had no pasta (which is a trait of minestrone) and it had a lack of flavour”.


My hubby took the Ribbolita Tuscan Vegetable Soup to work with him and he was not impressed either.  “I didn’t like it”.

My own children, tried a few of the soups (after school snacks) and really enjoyed them.  As for myself, the ones I tried were yum too!  

Other friends of mine said this:  

I had the Spring Vegetable & Wholegrain Rice Soup today for lunch and it was really nice, it looked filling and it was, I feel like I ate a good healthy lunch and I would buy this!


“I had the Chicken and Vegetable Soup today for lunch – perfect for this wet Melbourne day. I was very wary about trying it as I normally can’t stand tinned / packet soups – but it was actually quite nice. Very handy to have in the pantry for a quick tasty lunch!”

R. P

I had the Chicken and Corn Soup for dinner! I really enjoyed it and it is what I needed after today. I found it very filling and actually tasted like REAL soup!  I hated the smell though (lol) and had to heat it for more than 2 minutes even with my microwave on the highest it could go.  Do they sell these at the supermarkets? 


La Zuppa; I am not sure if you have had many other reviews on your soups, it would appear that the men who tried mine don’t seem to have very good taste buds and were hard to please.  (All the other thumbs up reviews were by females).

So perhaps some of you are wondering, why I keep talking about these soups.  Well just you wait as I have a little surprise for one of my readers coming up shortly.  

One of you will get a chance to WIN all of these soups!

So keep an eye out for my next La Zuppa Soup post!
Then one of you can have your own facial expressions without having to say a word!