I use to buy the regular packet bread crumbs from the supermarket, (this was MANY years ago), but since they added the dreaded preservative 282 into most bread/wheat products I stopped purchasing it.  I dare you to go read the fact sheet.

This is one of many chemicals I stay clear of in the cooking sector.

When I purchase bread, I always check the labels and will never purchase a loaf with 282 in it.
So, what is it with the ends of the bread?  Why are they always left behind?  Well, I can’t answer this question, but I now have a use for them.

When I make Tupperware Jel Ring sandwiches or a Jel Ring Tuna Mornay Bake, I place the crusts into freezer bags.  When, I have several bags stored in the freezer (and it is getting too cluttered), I pour them onto a baking tray; put them in a 200C oven and bake for about 10-15 minutes.

Afterwards, I put them through the blender and then into a plastic container ready for the freezer again.  I keep the bread crumbs in the freezer and use when needed.  They can last up to 6 months (but this never happens as I use them regularly in my cooking).


Do you also have a problem with broken SAO’s or ALDI Sanz crackers?  

Don’t throw them out!  Blend these also and add to the home-made frozen bread crumb mix.