When cooking fresh home-made pastry, perhaps the first thought that comes to mind; “Oh, it’s too hard, every time I try to ‘blind bake’, it takes too long or it just turns out wrong”.  Well, I have the answer for you! FORGET the traditional way, this is just SO EASY!

Once you have made your SHORT CRUST PASTRY, and rolled it out into your quiche dish or the tray you are using.

Just place it in the freezer!

Whether you making a savoury pie or a sweet tart; this method will work EVERY time.


Just put straight into your freezer, it can stay there all day.

You don’t need to plastic wrap it either.When you are ready to cook your pastry, all you need to do is prepare the inside filling; remove the frozen dish, pour the filling into it and bake for at 230C for the required time (as per your recipe).  All fresh pastry must be cooked at a high temperature.I guarantee the pastry will not bubble, crack or crumble.