Ballarat Views – Accomodation


I highly recommend this family friendly accommodation in Ballarat. Our family of 10 stayed here during December 2010 for a few nights. My husband works in town during the week and therefore we needed somewhere to stay for his work Christmas party/function.  

The home is catered towards families and children, including many games, toys, a Wii console (along with games) and many DVDs to keep the children entertained.

The children’s area above

There were plenty of rooms and beds for us all, even if three little boys shared a queen sized bed.

The place is beautifully set up and has a modern feel.  I walked in feeling “wow, am I staying here, this is almost like a five star city condo or penthouse” as the view is spectacular from the lounge room windows.


The home is also in the heart of Ballarat and is close to the shopping centres and not far from Sovereign Hill.

*I am not being endorsed or paid to write this review.  I posted this to benefit my readers who also find it difficult finding accommodation to suit a large family like my own.

The above would also be great for a couples getaway too.

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