A Big Thank you to HILLS

A little while ago one of the end legs of my portable clothes line from HILLS snapped off. It was full of clothes at the time too. So I emailed the company, sent the photos below and within the same day I received a reply.

Hills is a well know Aussie brand, and the old Hills Hoist is an true Aussie Icon.  Every Australian back yard would have or still does have the old steel version.


Gone are the days when I was a little girl; my mum detested my sister and I using it as a swing or play gym.  

(What kid does not swing or climb on the clothes line though)?


The Hills Hoist can have many uses too;

Throw a tarp or shade cloth over the top for a party gazebo or some shade.

Use it as garden feature…

In a bar or pub (perhaps to hang up unwanted guests)?

This one I will leave for you to decide..


Personally I prefer to use my clothes line for the reason it was meant for; to hang out my tonne of washing…

And for airing off ‘peed’ on mattresses ~ details of the above picture HERE.

So going back to Thanking Hills, they replaced my broken product with a new one: See the following info from their website:

Hills Portable Clotheslines dry clothes anywhere
Just as the iconic Hills Hoist revolutionised backyards in the 1950s, Hills Portable Clotheslines now offer a clothes drying solution that fits with the modern Australian family’s busy lifestyle.
Bridging the gap between traditional clothes airers and full sized outdoor clotheslines, these innovative clothes dryers save space and help you avoid the power bills associated with electric dryers.
The medium-sized Portable 120 provides an ample 12 metres of line space, while its larger cousin, the Portable 170, offers an extra five metres of line. Both products are finished in durable powder-coated Granite Pearl, and feature non-slip feet, a sturdy leg brace, and a robust latching system. Clothes hanger spaces in the leg braces make it easy to move clothes straight to the wardrobe.
Hills Portable Clotheslines are also lightweight and can be folded flat for easy storage using the wall mount or door bracket, which are included.  
Portable clothesline

This parcel came within 4 days of my email and delivered straight to my door.

Putting it together took little effort (I had a male friend help as hubby was away again), all the instructions were very basic and easy to read.  Obviously NOT made in China!

Aussie Aussie Aussie ~ Oi Oi Oi

Here is the new line assembled and ready for the wet Melbourne days and the winter months ahead.  

So do any of you own one of these?  I highly recommend this product, as they can hold 2 – 4 loads of washing.

*This is not a sponsored post, or advertising for Hills.  This is based on my own opinions and experiences with the product and company.

See here my HILLS portable clothes line, full of clothes during the winter months & drying in front of the fireplace.

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