Would you go shopping in your pyjamas?

Driving the kids to school and pulling into the drop-off zone, you turn to kiss each child goodbye for the day while making sure each has their school bag and lunch.  Suddenly out the corner of your eye you see a fellow mother walking out of the school office in their pyjama pants with a jumper covering her PJ top or another with her frilly nightie showing underneath a trench coat walking her children to their classrooms.  



A small child calls out “mum, look at that other mummy, she didn’t get dressed today”, embarrassed you try to hush your child and hope the mother didn’t hear the remark from the car. Then an older child pipes up “HOW EMBARRASSING, I’m so glad you don’t do that mum”. 

Thankfully, I can vouch for my kids, as this mummy will NEVER EVER leave the house in a nightie or PJ’s on purpose!

Being a parent and mother (like a lot of you) is a full time job, in fact you could call it a career. The word career means ~ an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress. What mother doesn’t fall into this category?  

When we think of the word career, it can be related to one going to work; that is getting dressed in either a business suit and tie, a uniform or appropriate clothing.  One also allots a certain amount of time to get ready and be presentable, have breakfast and leave the house in order to get to their workplace on time.  If one turned up to work with an untidy, wrinkled or dirty appearance, their job may not be kept for long and that employee would also be looked upon in a disagreeable manner.

The same goes for a mother or parent.  Would you go to the supermarket or shopping centre in your pyjamas?

What looks or comments would one get?

Being a mother is no different.  It is a career we have chosen and whether it being full time or not, there are just no excuses of also keeping up ones appearance, showering, getting dressed and out of your pyjamas of a morning.

Don’t use the excuse of having lots of children, small children, babies, toddlers or “I have no time”. Of course there is time, one must make time!  

Just because you are not going to work or out of the house (or even getting out of the car from school drop-off), this is not an excuse to stay in ones pyjamas.  

On the other hand, being sick and having to stay in bed all day is an excuse, however unfortunately in order for a mother to do this, it requires house help, a sitter or ones husband/partner to stay home while mum takes the day off. Seeing this is near impossible and there is no “sick leave” for mothers, most mothers just soldier on and keep going regardless of their illness (while still getting dressed too).

Of course getting dressed and organised of a morning might be seem a little difficult when one has a young baby to feed, toddlers or small children who wake at all hours of the morning and perhaps you might be thinking “How do I find time take a shower, or even dress, while also getting the kids dressed, fed and ready for school “?

Time management is the key and prior organisation can also be done with small children.  Of course things can go wrong on any given day when trying to organise the children and yourself of a morning (you can read about that here), however taking care of ones self, personal grooming, dressing, showering etc should be apart of everyone’s daily routine.

Here are some simple suggestions:

  • If you are not a morning person take a shower the night before and set your clothes out including shoes all ready for the morning, get up earlier than the children, wash your face and sleep from the eyes, dress, brush your hair and be ready to face the day.
  • If you prefer to freshen up of a morning with a nice hot shower, set the alarm for ½ hour to 1 hour before the children rise, get yourself dressed and looking presentable for the day.

What if you have little children that get up very early or a baby to feed? 

While these are reasonable excuses, alternatives can be made:

  • If babies are fed and full, not dirty or needing a change; leave them in their cot/bed while taking a shower or getting ready (no baby or toddler has died from crying for as little as 10 minutes).
  • Toddlers can also either be left in their cot/bed or even placed into a play pen while you shower.
  • Bring them into the bathroom with you, bouncers, rockers and prams are there for our convenience (they also have seat belts too)!
  • Older siblings can also watch little ones while you shower or get ready.

Those with large families and in particular mothers often get remarks thrown their way which can be quite intrusive and personal.  Often  large families are looked upon negatively in our society, therefore looking your best (and especially when all the children are in tow) is something every mother should strive to achieve and wearing pyjamas in public is not looking your best!  

I don’t know about you, but that first look in the mirror after being in bed all night is not the best look at all, in fact it can be quite repulsive, therefore why would you step out of the house this way too?


Therefore if one has a lot of children (or any for that matter), mothers really need to show the world that they are confident and able to handle anything that gets thrown their way (meaning rude comments by strangers).  If you look clean, tidy, and even classy it does make a difference.

Lets be honest, when you see a woman trudging down the street with 5 or more grotty looking kids with no shoes, dirty clothes, un-brushed hair, and she is wearing ugg boots, ripped jeans OR is in her PJ’s, has a smoke in her fingers with matted bed hair, what are your first thoughts?

It’s very simple, get organised women!  

Once setting this routine in motion, getting ready and organised in the morning becomes easy, normal and just something you do.  It shouldn’t be hard, difficult or put aside because you now have kids.  

Place yourself first, make an effort with your appearance of a morning, not only will you look better, you will also feel motivated, have self esteem and be able to accomplish anything (even if it’s just looking after the kids all day long)!

Seriously, there is nothing that compares to having a hot morning shower, some lovely smelling scents or perfume and a brush through ones hair all before the morning rush , attending to the kids and our numerous chores and errands throughout the day!

And you certainly can’t do this without GETTING OUT OF YOUR PYJAMAS!  

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  1. Claire Claire
    15, September 2014    

    I am that lady at school drop off with the 6 month old who has her nighty on under her trench coat. I don’t care what your child thinks of me. Anyone who wants to judge me is welcome to come to my house and hold my high-need baby while I take a shower and make myself pretty. I have post partum depression, I fractured my pelvis 3 weeks ago, my baby screams when put down, she nurses almost all day in a baby carrier and she eats all night too as we co sleep. I can’t even go to the grocery store because I’m in too much pain to drive and I’m too depressed to deal with the outside world. All people do is tell me how sweet and adorable my baby is and to “enjoy every moment”, but I just can’t wait until this phase is over. I don’t have anyone to help me because all the women in my family work full time and I’m the only one that is home during the day. My friends all work full time, or have their own busy families to take care of. It takes me every scrap of energy to even leave the house and make it to school drop off on time, even in my pajamas.

    • 19, September 2014    

      Claire, I am really sorry you are having a hard time with your little cherub. As for the depression, I hope you are seeing someone for your illness and you find some sanity in the madness at the moment. This time will pass soon.

      As I mentioned above, letting babies cry might be your only option – even if its for as little as 10 minutes.

  2. Megsy Megsy
    15, September 2014    

    Iceberg. What you see is only a fraction of the whole picture. Don’t cast judgements (or validate your children when they do) without the whole picture.

  3. theMummyandtheMinx theMummyandtheMinx
    19, September 2014    

    I think the best idea is to buy really nice Pyjamas and everyone can just think you’re into that loungey style 🙂

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