Why can I never find a pen when I need one?

I am not sure if it is the same in your household, however pens are as scarce as hens teeth in a large family.  No matter how many I buy for general use, they seem to go missing.  Hiding them in a special place also doesn’t do any good either as they are either forgotten or still found and taken by the little monkeys.

Pens also seem to have the ability to move on their own too and have been found in the most unusual places; for instance, some have been found in all areas of the kids bathroom, (behind the toilet and even inside – those that have had a 2yr old will understand); under beds, in and around the playroom, under lounges etc but of course they are NEVER in any of those places when you need one NOW.



If only pens came with a beacon or a buzzer so one could find their whereabouts.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to find such a pen, however, at least they are making them in bright colours and perhaps easier to see than the old drab plain ones.

Pens today are so pretty, that I had to instantly hide this parcel I got the other day.

 look what was inside…..
Paper Mate Inkjoy 100 Pens ~ available in many other colours too!

RRP: 10pk $4.49 (45c per pen loose)

Just head to the website if you are interested in how they are made and work.

I did a test run ~ take a look at the artwork below:

So I bet you are wondering what all the fuss is about right……well guess what……..I have

3 packs of pens to give away to 3 lucky winners

 (so you can keep them on your desk or give to the kids)

If you would like to own a set of these beautifully coloured pens…….
Please enter via Rafflecopter below:

*This give away is open to Australian residents only*

The winners will be contacted via email – so please leave your email address after your comment.  
The winner will be contacted and asked for a postage/mailing address.
 So go and enter ~ you will LOVE Paper Mate Inkjoy!
Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. tarah-the simple mummy tarah-the simple mummy
    8, October 2012    

    for some strange reason I’m attracted to that green pen lol They look great though!

  2. 8, October 2012    

    i love using coloured pens for organising my calendar and study assessments. so pretty and easy to read 🙂

  3. zoe zoe
    8, October 2012    

    Definately the purple ones. One can never have enough pens especially pretty coloured ones

  4. Amy Amy
    8, October 2012    

    Oh for sure the purply pink is the prettiest 😀

  5. 8, October 2012    

    an on going search.. they disappear so fast

  6. Catherine Catherine
    8, October 2012    

    Ooooo! I love these pens. So pretty. Blue topaz is my favourite stone and those pale blue pens are just exactly the same colour.

  7. 9, October 2012    

    Oh how I’d over these. The colours look so bright and cheerful. I just LOVE the violet one 🙂 With a family of 7 I completely understand where your coming from. It’s a taskagony night just to find a pen (or even a pencil of some sort) to fill out the daily reader! Half the time the teachers just gets told she has read it as I couldn’t sign it lol

      9, October 2012    

      I’m with you on that one Nicole Clark…..its school diaries in this house…. 😛

      • 9, October 2012    

        sorry, I had to switch from ipad to laptop (I couldnt find the tweet url)

        Need the diaries filled out here too. She has now brought her first bit of homework home that I now need to try and find coloured pencils for her to use. Think a trip to the shops maybe in order lol. If only there was SOMEWHERE we could put things that the kids cant get too. …………………(contemplating a safe pmsl)

  8. 9, October 2012    

    This would be a fabulous prize to win,as pens in my household always go walkabout when I need them. With the teens always forgetting to bring home their pencil cases from school to do their homework, and never putting the pens back from where they came from…. I think I really should attach a chain to the pens or a rubber band then they will come back to me, 🙂

      9, October 2012    

      Not a bad idea Kim 🙂

  9. Natasha Natasha
    9, October 2012    

    Love the colours of the pens would be perfect for the diarys I’m doing for my daughters

  10. Kel Kelly Kel Kelly
    10, October 2012    

    I am stationary obsessed! I love the pink.


  11. jacinta jacinta
    11, October 2012    

    I would love to know where all of our pens end up

  12. Manda Manda
    11, October 2012    

    Have been looking for all my pens for days, found one this morning, under my sons mattress

  13. 11, October 2012    

    I love the green pens. ‘

  14. 16, October 2012    

    Pens *always* go missing in my house too! The light blue is gorgeous 🙂 it’s definitely my favorite!

  15. Becci Sundberg Becci Sundberg
    17, October 2012    

    How awesome, love stationery stuff!

  16. Pam Pam
    21, October 2012    

    The Purple, beautiful!

  17. 21, October 2012    

    I like the Blue ones. They’d match the fish tank which is where our pens end up sometimes 🙂

  18. 22, October 2012    

    I am in love with green at the moment, Such a georgous colour for spring!

  19. 22, October 2012    

    For me its between the green pen which looks bright and happy 🙂 or the purple because it is simply my fav colour! But really any pen would do haha l can never find anything but a blunt pencil!

  20. 22, October 2012    

    Ooh, I love the purple pen 🙂

  21. Amanda Amanda
    22, October 2012    

    Love all of the colours, Awesome!!

  22. 28, October 2012    

    pens pens pens i have to a high school one at uni and my hubbys a mechanic a needs a pen in his pocket everywhere we goe but for me i run around the house like a mad woman trying to find one and leave people on the phone hanging 🙂 pens pens pens

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