Why broom when you can zoom?

What causes of dirt, grime, dust, food scraps, sand, paper cuttings, foot prints and spills on floors, tiles and carpets?  

How does crumbs, fluff, lint end up in drawers, cupboards and wardrobes? 

In general, mess like the above can’t be helped as its builds up over time in any home right! 

But how does most of the mess actually happen?  Quite often, the common cause is the CHILDREN (especially in a large family)!!  Of course, No Excuses has found a solution to the mess above…

stuff off floor

Just “put your feet up” and get someone (or something) else to do the work for you………..

Dyson allowed the No Excuses household trial the brand new Dyson DC59 & DC54.  As you can see above, the kids had a ball using both of these products.  

Their 70 year old grandmother was also visiting at the time of our trial and LOVED the DC59 due it being so lightweight and very easy to use.  We have an older at least 10 year old Dyson; the new DC54 model was just as brilliant; we ran both machines side by side, and without a doubt the new model was so much lighter too!

Hubby was able to empty the bin on the DC59 easily too Tongue Out

Forget pesky cords and bulky cleaners. The latest Dyson Digital Slim™ DC59 vacuum is lightweight, cordless, and packs the same power as a mains vacuum cleaner. With 20 minutes of powerful suction, DC59 is light and easy to manoeuvre between high, low and hard to reach spaces. No more fiddling about with plugs or tripping over cords. Simply remove from the docking station and go.

Dyson is also introducing Dyson DC54; the only machine with no bags, no loss of suction, and no filter fuss.

Bagged vacuums lose suction as pores clog. And other cyclonic vacuum cleaners often rely on filters to capture dust, which also clog, causing loss of suction. Dyson’s latest vacuum uses patented Dyson Cinetic™ cyclone technology, so efficient there is no filter maintenance: no washing, nothing to replace.

How would you like to trial one of these Dyson products?

Well, two lucky readers (that could be you) can also trial the DC59 or the DC54!


All you need to do is answer the following question:

 “Do you have a problem area in your home? Tell me how Dyson engineers can help solve your problem?”

(leave your answer in the comment section below)

Furthermore; if you fall in love with the product you trial, Dyson will offer you a 20% discount to purchase the product at the end of the trial period!

How easy is that?  Come on, you have No Excuses

  • No Excuses will choose the two best comments, please also tell me whether you would like to trial the DC59 or DC54 after your answer.
  • Entries close on 24th November, 2013
  • The two entries chosen will be emailed via noexcuses@noexcuseseasyorganising.com and will be asked to provide their name, address and phone number in order  for Dyson to send their product.
  • Reader trial is for Australian residents only.


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  1. Tiffany s Tiffany s
    12, November 2013    

    Oh my goodness. That video was fantastic! hehe anything to make the kids do some work. Loved the part where you put your feet up. It was GOLD!
    The problem in my home is food crumbs! It seems to be rather large chunks of food around the dinning table area. Would LOVE to trail one of these cordless ones, as vacuuming around all the chairs, pulling them out, putting them back in etc, its a pain to do every.single.time! I am a massive lover of my Dyson upright, but it very bulky for around this area. 🙂
    Well done again! Very entertaining. xx

  2. Megsy Megsy
    13, November 2013    

    We have a large 8 seater square dining table. With 5 boys 6 and under I bet you imagine the mess that gets under there at meal times! We also have slate floors which makes sweeping a hassle as bits get caught in the uneven areas. Sweeping and vacuuming are awkward to do without moving the whole table, having to get almost on the floor to reach to the centre of the table. In an ideal world those clever Dyson engineers would dream up a super extendable, flexible pipe so I can vacuum without the bending!

  3. Kim Wardle Kim Wardle
    13, November 2013    

    With a house full of teens, adults and pets the Dyson would really help keep all the fur at bay. The vacuum cleaner I have is hopeless, and it only looks vacuum for less day, to win one would be a dream for me, looks so easy and I might enjoy vacuuming again, 🙂

    • 13, November 2013    

      Kim, Dyson are offering a trial of either machine above. Afterwards there is the opportunity to purchase the machine with a 20% discount. 🙂

  4. Jackie Grubb Jackie Grubb
    17, November 2013    

    I have also been a dyson lover and user for years but have always found it hard when u have a small mess to clean up. I wish and would love one of these as it compact and with 2 kids it would be always used and quick for me use

    • 18, November 2013    

      Are you interested in the DC59 Jackie?

  5. SueB SueB
    17, November 2013    

    I was just looking at them today at JB HiFi and then online at Harvey Norman, Domayne and Masters. Just deciding which one I should get. Would be wonderful to have a try before I buy of this considering the price is over $600 for the top of the range.

    • 18, November 2013    

      Which one you after Sue DC54 or DC59?

      • SueB SueB
        18, November 2013    

        I wasn’t sure – I think I liked the DC54 head better than the DC59 but could end up with either when I purchase.

        • SueB SueB
          18, November 2013    

          Does that 20% discount apply to everyone. Thanks

          • 18, November 2013    

            If you are chosen to trial either machine, the 20% applies if you wish to purchase your trailed product.

            “Furthermore; if you fall in love with the product you trial, Dyson will offer you a 20% discount to purchase the product at the end of the trial period!”

          • SueB SueB
            18, November 2013    

            Thanks for the information, that is great.

  6. Becci Sundberg Becci Sundberg
    24, November 2013    

    Do you think they could design something to pick up all the army men and lego that are spread throughout my house????
    We’re in the market for a new vac. Our last one you have to hold together by hand at the top of the main shaft, tape isn’t working.
    Not sure which I’d rather????

  7. Alicia Dooley Alicia Dooley
    24, November 2013    

    Lol! I can figure these things out! Definitely interested! Thanks for the redirection!

  8. megan m megan m
    24, November 2013    

    Wow what a kick-a$%! PRODUCT. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the light weight rechargable stick one for sure (dc54?). I have 3 boys 5, 3 & 1 and it gets to the stage these days when as long as the mess isn’t sticky and gross I simply walk over it. I’m so ashamed! I had a cheap rechargable vac that lasted about a month out of the box and this would be a perfect time to show my husband what the dysons can do! Mega05@hotmail.com

  9. Rebecca Broderick Rebecca Broderick
    24, November 2013    

    The problem area that annoys me the most in my house is the toilet. It’s situated near the back door, it’s set about 10cm below the rest of the floor, so basically you step down into the toilet. The dirt that comes fron outside seems to build up in there 10 times worse. I’d love to see the DC59 attack this area and in and around my toilet with ease.
    I have a DC05 which I still love, but she’s getting a bit old.

  10. MumOfFiveGirls MumOfFiveGirls
    24, November 2013    

    wow with one of these the girls might even offer to do the vacuuming 😉 our problem areas are crumbs throughout the house….funny that since there is not supposed to be food consumed in the bedrooms!!?? And also cat hair….as if 5 kids didn’t produce enough mess! Would love the chance to trial 🙂

    • MumOfFiveGirls MumOfFiveGirls
      24, November 2013    

      I think the DC59 would be great for quick and easy clean ups!

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