Where’s the milk?

The missing item on my shopping list was MILK.

If you followed my FB page, I mentioned that I don’t need to write this one down as I buy when the there is only one bottle left in the fridge.  We buy 20Lt at a time (10 x 2lt juice containers).  Today was MILK day.

Our milk is purchased from a local dairy farmer at the fraction of the price offered in supermarkets.  Nothing can compare to fresh cows milk.

In the van, (thank goodness the Hiace has a plastic mesh flooring)! There is nothing worse than the smell of  spilt milk in the car.

All stored in the laundry fridge!
The bottom drawer full of extra veggies,
the yellow Tupperware container – full of home-made orange muffins, top black pot (from my crock pot) is tomorrow nights dinner, ready to go in the crock-pot first thing in the morning
(Stifado Casserole – yum).

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  1. Amy Amy
    17, August 2011    

    Wow. Wish this was an option for us!! Never thought to put the crockpot in the fridge the night before ready for morning. Fantastic idea. Thank you.

  2. 18, August 2011    

    Yes, getting dinner ready the night before is so easy with a crock-pot.

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