“When I was your age dear…. I made my own baby food”

Brought to you by Heinz Infant.

Becoming a parent for the first time can be one of the most exhilarating and life changing experiences in anyone’s life and whether you have only one child or several; we all want what is best for our family.

The first few years from birth to infancy are enjoyable and rewarding with baby smiles, “goos” and “gahs”, cute little cheeks, feet and toes; however they can also be tough, due to those sleepless nights, endless dirty nappies and constant tears (not just from bubs) as one’s routine is now completely focussed on this new little person.

Of course gone are the days when No Excuses had an infant in the house and when the time came to feeding and introducing solids; this was the most amusing thing to experience with each individual child. That very first bite of food can create the most hilarious facial expressions on any baby or toddlers face and thanks to today’s smart phones they can also be recorded much more frequently.

All of my 7 babies were breast fed and when the time came to start feeding them solid foods, each child was different.  Some were happy and didn’t want solid food until 8 – 10 months old; while others were ready around 4 – 6 months (although it is not recommended to give solids to babies before 4 months of age); however whichever the case, nutritious and healthy options were always given here at No Excuses.

Back in those days (goodness I feel old); I made my own the baby food in batches such as stewed fruits, mashed veggies and minced meats.  I rarely bought the store bought variety as I preferred my own healthier choice meals for my growing babies.  I also remember having to pack cooler bags, lots of spoons, extra bibs, tea towels, face washers etc whenever I had my takeaway homemade meals for baby. 

Feeding baby solid foods away from the home environment was indeed a big challenge and VERY messy.  At most times the child was strapped into a pram or perched on one knee, while struggling to hold the container in one hand, the spoon in the other, trying to keep the babies hands away from the spoon, container and their mouths while half the food would either end up on myself, the baby or even in my own hair.

And in fact when I think about this old experience, it was only recently that I discovered the Heinz  feeding pouches via visiting a friend who of course has a new baby.  And believe me when I tell you that I was truly fascinated by these new fangled baby feeding apparatuses.

What a simple and effective idea!  If only these were around when I was rearing my babies, which also brings to mind the saying …”now…..when I was your age”……. (Yep I am feeling really old now).

Of course these portable food pouches look so easy to use, but could they be healthy too?  Well, after some online research, it appears Heinz have also taken this into consideration as they do have “the good stuff”. TheGoodStuff

Heinz Infant & Baby Food products strive to be of the highest quality ingredients and where possible, their ingredients are sourced from right here in Australia. Their apples, pears and peaches come from Goulburn Valley, their farm fresh pumpkins are from country Victoria, and all meats are from trusted suppliers throughout Australia. These ingredients are picked, packed, and delivered with care to the Heinz Specialist baby food facility in Echuca, which is in country Victoria.

Now getting back to these “pouches” another of my friends posted a cute picture of her bubs and low and behold there are even spoon attachments for these things!

WOW!  How amazing is this, especially making ONE HANDED baby feeding possible… while not forgetting to mention you can also take a photo or “selfie” at the same time too….just PURE GENIOUS!

I wonder if a mother came up with this idea!

So how good are the other Heinz baby food products?  Well guess what, there are quite a variety of nutritious and healthy easy meals to choose from too and mums today are very lucky to have these readily available. 

Now there is no need to feel guilty about buying store bought baby food as Heinz have put all “the good stuff” into all their baby food products and you know what, I too would have loved this EASY option way back when there were babies in the No Excuses household!

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