What a gripping, absolutely ripping moment at the Melbourne Cup day…..

Every duke and earl and peer is here (perhaps not)
Everyone (including Lisa @ No Excuses) who should be here is here
What a smashing, positively dashing spectacle, The Melbourne Cup opening day!

At the gate are all the horses waiting for the cue to fly away
What a gripping, absolutely ripping moment, at the Melbourne Cup opening day……..

I am sure most of you know where this little ditty comes from (although I changed some of the lyrics); that legendary movie featuring Audrey Hepburn in MY FAIR LADY and scene the Ascot Gavotte!  

Australia’s famous Melbourne Cup is about to run its 153rd race; that is one and a half centuries of racing!! There are those that love to have a flutter on the Cup, or just happy to pick a random horse out of a hat at a private or work function.  Perhaps some prefer just watching the race on the big screen with family and friends at home. 

The Melbourne Cup has always been “The Race that Stops the Nation” and as long as I can remember “Cup Day” was something to look forward too.  During my youth while growing up in Sydney, the Melbourne Cup was a great highlight.  Those distant school days when the old television was wheeled into the classroom to watch this famous race or later when I entered the workforce, again everyone stopped to watch the race on that portable TV (flat lightweight screens were not around then either)!

fat vs flat tv

Did you also know that Melbourne gets a PUBLIC HOLIDAY and it’s usually a long weekend too; It’s the only Australian state that gets a day off just to watch a horse race!!!

The Melbourne Cup is also famous for its fashion, glamour and the array of amazing facsinators and hats!  I wonder what it would be like to be a part of this spectacular occasion?  Well guess what, this year I am truly having the day off!  

This is one excited mum, as I will be attending the famous Melbourne Cup on 5th November 2013 as a guest of luxbet.com.  This will be my first ever Melbourne Cup and I get to take hubby along with me too.  As a bonus, my dearest friend Pam from My Jewellery Box / Thyroid Living, is also attending with her husband too.  As you can imagine, we are both really excited and are already planning our pre Cup shopping trip!

Of course next week there will be plenty of organising to do before the big day.  The sitters (grandparents) have been booked to look after the children (no need to worry about having to drop the sitters home afterwards either as they will be staying in)!

As for getting to Flemington Racecourse, both Pam and I will need to plan our day out, do we drive in (one of the men being chauffeur of course) or use public transport (although the thought of riding a train in an elegant dress along with heels may not be a good idea)!

Choosing what to wear is going to be fun (or stressful too).  Men have it so easy; a suit, tie and clean shoes! Fortunately the easiest part for me will be choosing my shoes as I only have ONE PAIR of heels (what, you don’t believe me; look here then) black, black or black (or perhaps I could go shoe shopping prior to race day – Pam do you need new shoes)?!

Now, what do I wear…..eeny, meeny, miny, moe……can you help me decide?

Please comment below 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6?

What about a hat?  Do I wear one of my own (see here) or buy a new fancy fascinator?  Any ideas where to buy or what to go with a dress above? 

I can see us now, sipping champagne by track side, while enjoying our platter of gourmet cheeses and fruits.  Both of our husbands will be keen to place a bet on the race, however a better way of doing this rather than lining up at the bookie (and the possibly losing their wives in the mingle of the crowd) would be to go to this site: https://www.luxbet.com/melbourne-cup-betting/ either before we leave or via their mobile phones on race day.  Let’s hope my husband picks the winning horse!

With only eight days till this famous event, there is no doubt that it will be truly fantastic! I can however imagine Pam and I both cheering our horses over the finish line…and only hope not to make a sceptical of myself in the process…I wonder if there is a horse named “Dover” in the 2013 Melbourne Cup? 

Here is a preview of the hat/fascinator I am wearing!

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  1. Meagan Meagan
    28, October 2013    

    3 or 6 🙂
    check out the fascinators at target
    Have a great day!

  2. 28, October 2013    

    No 4, it looks like spring

  3. Melissa Gassman Melissa Gassman
    28, October 2013    

    Yay for double dates! All the dresses are gorgeous, but #2 and 3 would be my faves, and all go so well with your shoes 😉 Surely a fascinator to go with it is a mandatory for the cup? Have fun!

  4. Surviving Four Kids Surviving Four Kids
    28, October 2013    

    number 4 for sure!!

  5. Cassandra tyler Cassandra tyler
    29, October 2013    

    Gosh all the dresses are just gorgeous, I love number 1 and number 4 though!!! Fascinator, OHHHH Yes!!!!! I can just see a really nice home made one coming together!!

  6. Rebecca Inglis Rebecca Inglis
    4, November 2013    

    Cool! I’m going to Cup Day for the first time too. I remember up in NSW we would all bet on the race, when I was working. I just couldn’t understand all the fuss….and then to move down and it’s a public holiday!!? Have a fun day, I think I like dress 3.

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