Wet school days can also involve singing in the rain!!

It’s that time of year again here in Melbourne where there is no need to look at the clock to determine whether it’s school pick up time or not.  The fact is, the weather during Autumn and the approaching Winter months are vastly full with rain. Like clockwork, it is guaranteed to rain as soon as one leaves the house or pulls into the school car park.

Of course umbrellas are often forgotten in these circumstances as parents scramble to the collection point, they sing out to children in the line up while frantically trying to find some shelter out of the rain until they arrive.  

Back at their cars, parents look like drowned rats and the children also drenched from head to toe, yet the children appear to enjoy the moment without the slightest care in the world.

While enduring the above only days ago, I was fortunate to experience another “splashing” event that also involved people being rained upon! You see, No Excuses was given the opportunity to experience and attend the live splash-hit West End stage production of SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN at Melbourne’s Her Majesty’s Theatre.

Singin’ in the Rain has always been a favourite movie of mine and the DVD of this old classic movie starring Gene Kelly, Debbie Renyolds and Donald O’Connor is a favourite with the children too.  So after attending the performance with hubby the other night, we both thoroughly enjoyed it and said simultaneously “we’ll have to take the older kids along and see it again” as it’s definitely a family event too!

If you haven’t seen the original movie, I recommend doing so before attending the show as you will absolutely LOVE how they made you feel part of the ‘real’ production audience.

How they recreated the amazing Make ‘em Laugh and Moses Supposes scenes.

And of course how they made it rain indoors!!!

A little trivia on how they make it rain :- 

  • 6,000 litres of water are used each time it rains on stage – 2,000 falling from above and 4,000 flooding from below. It rains twice during each performance, so that’s 12,000 litres of water in total.
  • Don’t worry, it’s all recycled! The water drains back into a reservoir. When full it holds 10,000 litres.
  • There’s also a treatment plant where the water is filtered and treated to prevent bacteria developing.
  • The water is heated to 30 degrees. It has to travel through a quarter of a mile of pipes to fall from above, which means it can take a little while to warm up!

If by chance you purchase a seat up the front, be prepared to get wet too (raincoats are provided by the way


And as for my favourite actor / cast member – I’d have to say it was Lina Lamont, she was exceptional and absolutely hilarious.  That horrid voice of hers, that dumb “blonde” character she portrays and of course that famous line she “can’t” say “I can’t stand em”; she was so good!  As I said, watch the movie first, you’ll just love it!


Here is a little teaser – take a look at these snippets from this spectacular show.


So, there’s nothin’ stopping you, just make sure you don’t miss this “splashing” hit musical which is currently showing in Melbourne!  Tickets can be booked here as I guarantee you will have a wonderful time.


Brought to you by Nuffnang and Singin’ In the Rain


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