We are all good at something ~ YES YOU ARE!!

Day 2, Thursday Friday: Educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at. Take any approach you’d like (serious and educational or funny and sarcastic)

We are all good at something ~ YES YOU ARE!!  Finding what it is can take time or it may just come naturally.  

Just because so and so can do something (or appears to be able to do EVERYTHING) does not and shouldn’t matter.  We are all individuals and are able to do something meaningful and YES something WE ARE good at in our own little way!


Mothers in particular are expects at being good at just about anything; they can shuffle jobs, do 3 things at once (or more) and still manage their family.  

For example:

How many people do you know that can change a filthy babies nappy, have a phone stuck to their ear and a toddler pulling on ones leg without making a complete mess in the process? 

What about managing to cook dinner and feed the family while sitting down to ones meal….mother is also able to exercise at the same time (she never gets to sit and enjoy her meal), but is able to workout while eating….(running back and forth to each child spoon feeding little ones), tending to hungry baby and even doing the dishes at the same time – (eating little ones leftovers)!

Speaking of exercising….how many people do you know of that can go to a gym for a total of 3 to 4 plus hours a day with no rest in between?   Well guess what; a mother WORKS OUT often ~ take ALDI shopping for example (mine in particular with the seven kids to feed).  

This kind of shopping is a full on workout; by the time a mother has filled, pushed, manoeuvred and stacked the trolley.  Unstacked, re stacked and unpacked again (via the car) she has done a total of …… OH lets be realistic here 100+ of BACK, SHOULDER, CHEST press exercises ~ without a rest.  

Then once home, in comes the ABDOMINAL fitness, more upper body strengthening and not forgetting the STEP UP routine (if there are shelves in the pantry to put groceries away in).  

Now tell me is this not something mothers are good at…..frequent EXERCISE!  Oh and on top of that….mother also baby-sits at the same time while doing the above exercise……not bad huh, see you are good at something and did I not mention above that mothers CAN do more than 3 things at once…..

So next time someone asks “What are you good at”….don’t say “I don’t know, I am not sure”….

Think hard… YOU are a mother and you are GOOD at everything you do! 

So why not tell No Excuses what you are good at below in the comments section!

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