They say…life begins at 40….

Is it because the baby years are over, the toddler years have passed and the teen years are upon us? Perhaps it’s because life is a little easier, we are less foolish, a lot wiser or little seems to worry us. Whatever it may be; since turning 40 back in January 2015, my life is about to begin in more ways than one. 

This year however started out with a bout of illnesses such as a month of dizziness & vertigo, followed by another month with the flu, bronchitis and an inner ear infection.  Why these these illnesses got the better of me I am not quite sure; for I have never been more healthier than I have in the last couple of years.  

My new passion for fitness and nutrition have impacted my life and  I have so much more energy now than I ever did.  I have lost weight, toned down and the accumulated “fat” I gained from having my 7 babies is now gone forever.

Unfortunately, being a woman does have it’s share of problems and there may be some of us that suffer in silence with health issues that effect us on the inside.  Over the last few years, each month I have struggled with women’s health and it was not until early January this year that a decision was made to finally have something done about it, and as of tomorrow I will be having an TAH (Total Abdominal Hysterectomy) operation.  Apparently the surgery has a 6 – 8 week recovery period which includes, no driving, lifting or doing various tasks and chores around the home.  Therefore, I will spending those long weeks at home and resting as best I can.

Of course once I was given a surgery date (11/4/15) and with this site being about No Excuses & easy organising, I spent the last 4 weeks organising my house and home. Hubby is taking time off work, my parents (from Sydney) will also stay a little while and I have also organised a cleaner to come in on a regular basis.  

A list has been put up on the top of my calendar with all the trips and appointments that occur on a regular basis during the week for hubby and anyone doing the driving.

Some of you may have been following the No Excuses facebook page and recently seen the numerous meals I have been cooking, baking and freezing.  

My chest freezer is full of the following:

8 x Lasagne‘s 

16 Pizza bases

Over 50 veggie burger patties, about 60+ beef burgers and around 40 beef meat balls.

(these were made by my wonderful sister The Sassy Gourmet Chef).

frozen vegie burgers

beef burgers and balls

There are 100 frozen drumsticks (packed in lots of 20), two lots of bolognese sauce and a shepherds pie all in my chest freezer.

I have also been giving my children more chores, responsibilities and tasks to do around the house and home; such as teaching them to do the washing from scratch and how it should be done – a list has gone up on the fridge in the laundry as well.

Over the next few weeks, I may be absent, so please follow my Facebook page for updates and I hope to continue with posts to this site when I can.

Therefore my bag is packed, I researched what I may need to take to the hospital and also what to expect for my recovery or any side effects relating to the surgery.  I do however feel I am ready and well prepared.

I am also hoping and praying that all goes well and that my recovery is quick and easy, if you could please spare a prayer to help me to stay calm and relaxed for tomorrow I would be most grateful.

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  1. Lilly Mary Lilly Mary
    17, April 2015    

    Good luck and fast recovery!

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