The warm comforts of home.

Here in Victoria when the cold weather begins, it can hit suddenly. For those who are from this state, one would agree that VIC can really have ‘four seasons in one day! During Autumn and the coming of winter; most days are cold, wet and miserable.

As a stay at home mum; these cold and rainy days (when there is no need for shopping or errands), are best spent  indoors within the warmth and comfort of home.
These wet mornings can take a lot out of any mother. Wet weather also seems to bring out the worst in children too.  They almost certainly sleep in on these mornings, breakfast is rushed through and dishes left everywhere in the kitchen for mother to return to.

Driving in  heavy rain with a car full of noisy or tired kids is not fun either.  Returning home from school drop off can also be hard work especially if you don’t have any undercover parking.  Rushing the toddlers and babies out of the car can be a real struggle in wet weather.
Once you get the kids inside and dried off, cleaned the kitchen area and perhaps got started on some chores, in no time at all the little ones are asking for food again.   

(YES that’s right, it’s already lunch time, and you have just cleaned up that breakfast mess).  

By the time the children have been fed again (perhaps put down for their midday nap) and the kitchen cleaned a second time round.  The mother by now may have realised that she hasn’t had a good sit down or her own lunch for that matter.  

All mothers have had days like this.

On days like this; one wants to just curl up on the couch with a blanket, or sit in a cosy spot in front of the fire or heater.  Perhaps with a good book, DVD or in my case Internet and blogging time in my favourite spot with the view to the outdoors (even if it is raining out there)!

And as for lunch….well most times I would just skip lunch and have a few cups of coffee.  On cold wet days one is less motivated too.

Looking at this blog and the CUISINE page along with its recipes, one would notice that I cook from scratch, don’t use artificial colours or preservatives and all products are natural.  My pantry also has no ‘junk food’, you wont find any fast food in my home; unless it is NATURAL, and of course preservative free.

Well only this week I received my first EVER products in the post to review.  See that bowl of soup on the plate above, it was just what I needed after the very morning I had above.  

It was so easy ~ microwave heating for 2 minutes, added a bit of salt and pepper along with toasted buttered soldiers to dip in too. I was quite surprised, in fact I was impressed, it was delicious and tasty ~ not all what I expected from a instant soup microwaveable fast food pack.  

Here is the soup I tried above from LaZUPPA.

Easy to open (just a small drip on the ring).
Look at that colour and the texture was just as if I made it myself, not at all watery.
I also tried another flavour ~ Spring Vegetable and Wholegrain Rice.  This was also delicious.  Look at the texture and various veggies inside. 

A couple of my personal friends were also given the opportunity to try out LaZuppa soups too (thanks to my home delivery service).

Hubby took some to work and my kids can’t wait to try some soup too (which might be a good entrée for a Friday night meal)!

Thank you LaZuppa for making my lunch on these lazy winter days down here in Victoria, Australia!

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