The little boys bedroom

Now that the floors were mopped this morning in the boys room (see HERE).  I thought I would share how I keep this room tidy, including the wardrobe system (clothes storage), shoes, school bags and more about the boys morning routine chart (the section on PJ’s in name bags).

My boys ages are going on 3, 5 and almost 7.  In order to keep their room tidy, I have a rule of no toys in the bedroom – (teddy bears and cuddly toys accepted).  We have a playroom/rumpus room where the toys live. Nothing but their beds, the wardrobe, a 3 drawer bedside table are in their room.  The two older boys share a bunk bed and the 3 year old has a ‘noddy’ bed, (later on this will be replaced with a single bed).

Every morning my boys rise TOO early (sometimes 6.00am).  Most mornings they are well behaved and quiet and during the school week, the 7 and 5 year old will make their bed (I don’t care if it looks bad – I go back and fix it up later, but at least they are learning the process and sometimes they do really great jobs and I hardly every have to re adjust the doona or sheets).  They get themselves dressed ready for the day ahead.  But one rule they must do is put their “PJ’s in Name Bags“.

What are these you ask?  (ok so now you are going to find out my kids names)!

I came up with this idea when my eldest daughter was born, and made one for each baby as they came along.  (I even made some for nieces and nephews over the years).  I will explain the making process on a another page….but basically, used fabric paints and put a button hole at the top, stuck in a coat hanger (see next photo), and these hang off the side of the bunk bed, or bed end.  In goes the kids PJ’s ready for the evening.  (I will go into more detail why I came up with these soon).

Now moving onto the wardrobe.  All my wardrobes throughout our home are the Elfa Storage Systems – from Howards Storage World.  Big deep basket drawers and wire shelves.  When it comes to folding and putting the kids clothes away, I don’t necessarily fold them, but to make things easy, I place them flat into each child’s folding basket. These are in neat piles and placed into the wardrobe basket/drawers in either thirds or halves – depending on the quantity. What is the point of folding, when the kids just pull everything out anyway?

At the top basket, I sort the smaller things into empty 4lt ice-cream containers (2lt ice-cream would not last 2 nights in this house)

Shoes end up in another basket at the bottom of the wardrobe.

As for school bags, coats and dressing gowns, I have over door hooks on the bunk bed and the door!  (The green coles bag holds my 7yr olds school sports uniform).

Another great storage idea (if you have bed knobs) are the cheap coles/woolies bags…those on the end of the bed are full of pull-ups (left) and disposable nappies (not diapers – right).

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  1. Amy Amy
    2, August 2011    

    These pillow case thingys with the coat hangers is a really great idea!! Think I might adapt it (aka put my own kids names on them! ha ha).

    Awhile ago I started making the kids put the PJs under their pillow with the intent of one day getting them PJ bags (hasn’t happened). Saves on washing it is AMAZING!!


  2. 3, August 2011    

    Lisa, you have inspired me ~ I am so sick of picking up the kids pj’s off the floor, when they are supposed to be under their pillows. And I think your pillow case pyjama bags might just work. I am going to give it a go on the weekend!

  3. 3, August 2011    

    Thanks girls, my next post will be on how I made them and why!

  4. Amy Amy
    3, August 2011 < ---- that is what I did today. The children were so super excited that they went and filled them with their PJs. I am thinking that this might really work. Excitement please stick around!!! Oh & they were SO easy!! & I don’t know how to sew a button hole (still). Thanks.

  5. 3, August 2011    

    Great job Amy, I took a look at your blog post, and they are fantastic!

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