Tears of joy and excitement over a pair of….

Words can’t truly express how I’m feeling, however I literally cried tears of joy and jumped up and down like an excited little girl.  You see I opened a special box that arrived in the post today, something that I have been hoping for, wanting and dreaming about for the past 3 years.  For some of you, this might seem ridiculous, far fetched or over exaggerated excitement, however for me it’s truly a wish that has finally come true.

Perhaps this next question might help explain my sudden enthusiasm; what is one thing most woman can’t have enough of?  

No it’s not chocolate or jewellery.  


It’s SHOES of course!

Finding a nice pair of dress shoes that will suit those who wear orthotics, have wide or big feet etc, is like finding a needle in a haystack.  Most orthotic friendly dress shoes are quite ugly or impracticable for the individual.

Yet, when it comes to finding or buying shoes, this very task is time consuming, frustrating and at most times depressing.  There are never enough choices, the styles are unsuitable or just down right ugly.  Most orthotic footwear are also dedicated for the older generation and a nice pair of heels are non existent…..UNTIL NOW!

After hunting, searching and going from one store to another, I have finally found some shoes and not only are they BEAUTIFUL, the box they came in was just as wonderful too.

Designer shoes, a designer box and extra accessories also included.

I am in love …my shoes were made by Shoes of Prey and designed by ME ~ Lisa @ No Excuses!  I got to choose how they looked, chose the height, style, colours and fabrics.  Added the much needed “Mary Jane” strap plus they were made and adjusted to fit my orthotics.

Of course finding the perfect shoes for my feet took a bit of work and months of planning. You can read about the beginning process here (regarding my funny foot) and or look here at my current shoe choices .

I also NEVER thought it possible to buy a pair of shoes online, however Shoes of Prey have a 365 DAY RETURN OR REMAKE GUARANTEE, therefore I felt satisfied to try my luck out on buying these shoes.

Designing my perfect shoes took many months (in fact years) of planning and after not being able to find another pair of shoes over Christmas (2014), I did some googling, found Shoes of Prey and then emailed the store.  By the time I was ready, it was the winter season and therefore I wanted to wait until I could wear them during the warmer months.

During a visit to Sydney in the 2014 January (summer) holidays, I made an appointment and personally went into the Elizabeth Street Flagship David Jones store to speak with them about designing shoes to fit my orthotics (my podiatrist also recommended them too).  The staff were so helpful and obliging that I felt confident and hopeful, that this might solve all my shoe problems.

Take a look at their introduction video below:

I then went online to design my shoes here and chose the mid heels option (2.5 inches / 5.5cm – as I am unable to wear heels higher than this).  Registering an account is free and easy,  the shoes you design are saved into your album, prices are calculated instantly and shipping is FREE SHIPPING TO AUSTRALIA* .

Prior to the designing process, I sent numerous emails back and forth to Shoes of Prey, took photos of my current heels along with measurements of my orthotics.

After buying online, I received regular updates via email and the “Crafting” of my shoes would take 4 weeks. Shoes of Prey also emailed regularly with the overall progress of my shoes, while informing me of the various stages of construction such as the allocation station, the stitch station then finally emailed a photo (which I also got in my box) of my made shoes.  

Tracking the item was also easy and I again shopped with confidence.


modeling shoes

These are the reason for my joy and excitement!

Another bonus for me (although it took a few goes to work out), is the way the Mary Jane strap works.  My left foot and ankle does not have much movement and I really have difficulty doing up a buckle on my left foot, however Shoes of Prey have made it so easy for me.

Just move the buckle to the correct whole and loop it into the clasp!  Easy foot organising!

easy strap

Below are the other shoes in my online album which I have also designed; unfortunately my only problem now is choosing what outfit to wear with my new fabulous white shoes and also deciding what shoes to buy next… “eeny meeny miney mo”.  


Many thanks Shoes of Prey for you are truly a lifesaver; NEVER again will I need to try on dozens of shoes and black is no longer my colour!  I do however LOVE aqua or turquoise green (my favourite colour), therefore I might just purchase this shoe next to go with these outfits!

So ladies go and take a look at Shoes of Prey, but be warned though; for you will spend endless hours online designing your own perfect shoes.  And if you happen to design and buy a pair, be prepared to fall in love with them too.

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  1. 17, March 2015    

    Shoes glorious shoes! These are fabulous! I love Mary Jane style shoes but to think these are super comfortable as well? And bonus about the shipping! Thanks for linking up to Mum-bo Monday

  2. Sofie Sofie
    13, June 2015    

    Hi, I just found your site while browsing about difficult feet… These shoes look wonderful! I was wondering how you feel about them after a couple of wears? Is the sole supportive/cushioning enough? I have a need for orthotics and am a size 13 (12 without the soles). Currently I’ve only got a pair of trainers that fit comfortably. I’m at my wits end…

    • 23, June 2015    

      Hi Sofie, sorry for the delay in replying to your question. I still love my shoes and if you go to the top of this site, there is a link under the categories tab TRIPLE ARTHRODESIS SURVIVOR, there are several link which explains my feet issues and my troubles with buying shoes. I have orthotics also.

      With 3 screws and a staple in my left foot, shoe shopping is near impossible….until now 🙂

  3. 23, June 2015    

    Hi I am sorry for the delay in replying YES I LOVE MY SHOES so much too. Glad you found a pair too 🙂

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