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Feeling amazing and so much better…

It’s been almost 4 months since my Hysterectomy operation back in April 2015 and I thought I would write a follow up post (from this previous one), on how things have been going.   Firstly let me just say, I FEEL AMAZING and without the proper rest and care I took during my recovery period, I probably wouldn’t […]

Bye to misery; hello to life & recovery

The reason for my hysterectomy operation is due to many years of suffering each month which I thought it was “normal”; after all I have had seven children, however the last 6 months really took its toll and as of January 2015 it was time to say “bye misery and hello life”.   My increased fitness has indeed helped […]

They say…life begins at 40….

Is it because the baby years are over, the toddler years have passed and the teen years are upon us? Perhaps it’s because life is a little easier, we are less foolish, a lot wiser or little seems to worry us. Whatever it may be; since turning 40 back in January 2015, my life is about to begin in more ways than one.  […]


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