Seven Satisfied School Shoe Shoppers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABuying school shoes might not be a big deal for some families, yet when seven pairs of black school shoes are needed, (not forgetting to mention joggers or sports shoes as well), the whole ordeal of trekking from one store to the other and trying on endless pairs of shoes can give any parent a nervous breakdown.

Over the years No Excuses has bought MANY different brands of school shoes. Those that are cheap and lasted perhaps 3 months out of the school year, those mid-range that were a waste of money or those that cost an arm and a leg and yet still didn’t live up to its price value.

Of course buying this many shoes IS downright expensive, however considering that children wear their school shoes at least 11 months of the year, they should at least be wearing good quality and also supportive footwear for their growing feet.

Having foot problems myself, great care is taken in my footwear choices along with regular visits (as in every 4 – 5 years) to see my Podiatrist ~ Dr Michael Kinchington in Sydney.  During the recent Christmas holidays a much needed follow up appointment was made (if you haven’t yet read about my ordeal, you can read about my story here); and I desperately needed new joggers along with a new set of orthotics.  Dr Michael Kinchington was able to advise me on a new pair of joggers to suite my feet.  Little did I know he would also point me in the right direction for my children’s footwear needs as well.

Did you know the Athlete’s Foot also sell school shoes?  Well, I didn’t and while I was in Sydney, I was advised by Michael to visit The Athlete’s Foot Shoe Store – EASTGARDENS, NSW; the Manager ~ Michael Elliott had spoken directly to Michael Kinchington about the type of athletics footwear I needed.  

eastgardens athletes foot

After making contact and meeting him at the store, I was truly impressed with his service.  He wasn’t just selling me shoes, he was actually looking after my feet too (I don’t know any other sales rep that would actually  be in contact with your personal health professional; do you)?  

So getting back to the children; The Athlete’s Foot sell two brands of school shoes, Clarks and Ascent.  We opted for the Ascent due to the fact that these are PODIATRY ENDORSED and also offer a 6 MONTH OUTSOLE GUARANTEE … Kids don’t walk they run… At Ascent we understand kids are hard on their school shoes, that is why we have a 6 month rubber outsole guarantee”.

Buying all the children’s footwear from Michael Elliott was so much easier, and hassle free.  Of course the prices were quite high, however if they last longer than last years shoes AND if my boys especially wear out the soles before 6 months (boys will be boys); I have that peace of mind that they can be replaced FREE of charge!

Take a look at the No Excuses Seven Satisfied School Shoe Shoppers in their new Ascent School Shoes! Ascent are running a competition at the moment too and they all got a pair of disguise glasses with their shoes (we are hoping to win)!


So if you are in the area and need to purchase school shoes or just athletic shoes, make sure you visit:

Michael Elliott; be sure to tell him that Lisa @ No Excuses sent you, I guarantee you will not be disappointed! Smile 

The Athlete’s Foot – East Gardens 
Westfield Shoppingtown Eastgardens,
Shop 321
132-150 Bunnerong Road
Eastgardens NSW 2036

Phone: (02) 9349 7769


*This is not a sponsored post, nor has No Excuses been endorsed or approached for any form of advertising.  This is based on my own opinions and experiences with the product/s mentioned along with the various companies and people involved.

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  1. Deanne Deanne
    28, January 2014    

    I can also recommend The Athletes Foot at Miranda Westfield. We bought our boys Ascent school shoes from there and the customer service was great.

    • 28, January 2014    

      Deanne, would believe that Miranda “fair” is my old home town Shopping Centre? I was actually there a couple of weeks ago too 😉

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