Preparing lunches for the following day

If you have school aged children, you would know about that the daily routine of making school lunches. Here at No Excuses, the lunches are made the night before and we have a pretty good system in place – just take a look here!  Of course with 7 lunches to make each night we try to keep things simple and as the children make their own lunches, if they don’t eat it or like what’s on the menu; it’s no bodies fault but their own.  

Just recently, No Excuses was introduced to the wide variety of Nude Food Products and there are containers for everything.  Making the next days school lunches is so much easier when you don’t need to worry about plastic wrap or zip lock bags.  


The children can just whiz through the lunch making process with ease when only having to use a Sandwich Box, Snack Box and fill up drink bottle and when it comes to making the lunches, some of my children love taking salads to school too and there are a variety of containers one can use too.

Nude Food Movers has a great lunch box (if only I had these for my toddlers years ago); the Mini Rubbish Free Lunchbox has two separate storage compartments, removable snack pods, as well as a handy sandwich seatbelt that ensures your lunch and snacks remain fresh and secure. 

Inside I would have made my toddler a sandwich, put pre cut fruit or sultanas in the snack pods and arrowroot biscuits or home-made muesli bars could have gone in the base under the sandwich shelf.   A lunch made and prepared in the above would also have given me that extra bit of time, especially when I had to dash out of the house with little ones!

Of course there is also no reason why mother couldn’t make her lunch in one of these too; however if you want something a little more exciting for lunch, there are many other containers.  

Have a look at my 14yr old daughters lunch she prepared last night in the  Mini Rubbish Free Lunchbox.

Making a salad the night before couldn’t be easier; place ingredients such as salad greens, grated carrot and purple cabbage  into the  either the Meal Box, Food Box or Salad Box.

All three of these boxes come with a eating utensils but the Meal Box also comes with a leak proof dressing pot and microwave vent – so you could even put leftovers from the night before to reheat the next day!


While having school aged children, you may also have little ones at home as well.  One can never forget (no matter how long ago it was) that these days can be extremely busy and at times hectic.  Babies and toddlers can be very demanding and while trying to keep the house in order, feeding them and yourself is just another thing that can be very time consuming.  

Here is a simple tip that just might help; when you make the older children’s lunch, make the little ones too and not forgetting yours as well.  Make it a routine to have the next ‘working’ days lunch made, not only will this save time, but making your own lunch wont allow you skip your meal.  Mothers tend to focus on feeding and taking care of everyone else in the family, but then to forget about themselves and with this comes poor diet, rushed meals or just picking at food throughout the day.  This of course comes from experience and I know first hand how not eating properly can do to ones health and well-being.

Here is a typical salad I make for myself during the day and of course I prepared it the night before, salad greens, grated carrot, feta, red capsicum, quinoa in the meal box, and sun dried tomato, cucumber, quinoa, salad dressing and  all in the Stack Tubes, these I  separated to stop the  salad from going soggy.   

One of the stack cups was used for uncooked marinated beef (which I prepared the night before).  This is indeed time saving and if you want a delicious warm beef or chicken salad at home.  For lunch, it took less than a minute to cook the beef and throw the rest of the ingredients together to enjoy a nutritious and healthy lunch.

The Stack Tubes are also great for taking a salad to a BBQ and again as well as if not wanting the mix all the ingredients until before serving.

The above are just some simple suggestions when it comes to preparing lunches for the following day, No Excuses of course is all about easy organising and Nude Food Movers really help to make this process so much easier!


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  1. rebecca davis rebecca davis
    12, October 2015    

    well, i would love to say i prepare my lunches the night before or in the morning but i throw things in his bag as he is heading out the door. Your Nude Food Movers could be the start of a life changing event for me, a life where lunches are organised, prepared, fresh and edible. Please let me win 🙂

    • 12, October 2015    

      Lots of ideas above in this post, I hope you find your mojo Rebecca 😉

  2. Crystal Jones Crystal Jones
    12, October 2015    

    I definitely always prepare the night before! Things get too hectic here in the mornings between child care, kindy and work so its easier to have it all ready the night before ready to chuck in their bags in the morning, this way i also have the time to ensure ive packed them a healthy lunch rather than whatever i can find in the morning 🙂

    • 12, October 2015    

      Yes, with 7 kids, mornings around here are ALWAYS hectic, hence why we do the night before too 🙂

      Good luck!

  3. Jade Jade
    12, October 2015    

    I’m a pack the night before kind of person because who wants to spend their hard earned dollars buying takeaway when you can prepare delicious treats at home.

  4. Zoé Zoé
    12, October 2015    

    I pack the night before if we have a busy morning but mostly I pack the morning of.

  5. Joy Joy
    12, October 2015    

    I do abit of both depending on how much time I have. If I’ve had a busy night then I’ll prepare lunch I the morning, if not then lunch is prepared at night

    • 12, October 2015    

      There is not right or wrong way, just whatever works for you! Good luck 🙂

  6. Amy Dalrymple Amy Dalrymple
    12, October 2015    

    I make it in the morning, while doing breakfasts. I end up being rushed in the morning but the solution to that would be I just need to get up earlier! I don’t do lunches at night because that’s usually when I’ve got the loaf of bread cooking for the next day.

    • 12, October 2015    

      The advantage of a bread machine – cook while you are sleeping and have it ready when you rise 😉

      Good on you for being organised 🙂

  7. Karen Edwards Karen Edwards
    12, October 2015    

    I like to get up early and enjoy a nice hot cuppa while the rest of the house is still sleeping and make the school lunches great start to the day.

    • 12, October 2015    

      Your mornings sound lovely (how early is early by the way)? 😉 Unfortunately, I am not a morning person and with 7 kids, one is bound to be up way too early for my liking 🙂

      • Karen Edwards Karen Edwards
        13, October 2015    

        I try for 6am then the 3 kiddies are usually up at 7am 🙂

  8. Nicole Jane Nicole Jane
    12, October 2015    

    We always pack the night before, with 3 boys and another on the way we don’t have time to make lunches before school in the morning. I think it’s also great for fostering independence in my little guys too, knowing what goes into their food and having skills to hopefully carry on into adulthood.

  9. Maree Moffat Maree Moffat
    12, October 2015    

    I do lunches first thing in the morning. The kids get to choose their fruit and snack so most days what goes into their lunchbox actually gets eaten at school. Well that’s what I am hoping.

  10. Kim Wardle Kim Wardle
    13, October 2015    

    I make the lunches in the morning, having 5 kids plus hubby, I do get it time (all by 7am), if I know it will be a rush in the morning, I prepare most of the lunch boxes the night before and in the morning I make the rolls and put the items in that I had forgotten.. easy and no worries of interruptions as everyone is still sleeping, 🙂

    • 14, October 2015    

      School starts at 8.25am and we must be out the door by 8:10/15am for my mob and everyone needs to be up by 7am (no later). That whole hour till 8 goes too fast 😉 best of luck.

  11. Yvette Yvette
    13, October 2015    

    Sometimes I’m a night before lunch packer & sometimes it’s a morning job. I’m a mum, wife and paediatric night shift nurse plus 6 lunches to make!
    If I’m working a night shift during the week, it’s definitely a morning chore. The early evening is spent preparing dinner, homework, afterschool activities, bedtime routine for the little ones and my own overnight snacks before leaving for work at 8:30pm. Plus preparing them when I get home at 8am keeps me awake until the 9am school drop off. Then sleep!!
    If I’m not working, I do as much as I can in the evening which gives me mornings to cherish the bed cuddles from my kids.

    • 14, October 2015    

      Wow, busy busy busy, keep up the good work and good luck 🙂

  12. Chrissie Nugent Chrissie Nugent
    14, October 2015    

    I usually prepare our lunches in the morning

  13. Rohit Rohit
    15, October 2015    

    I pack lunches at night with my son – At night we feel relaxed and have time to think and pack but in the morning there is no time – our morning aim is to reach school just before the bell rings.

  14. sapna sapna
    21, October 2015    

    I pack lunches at night simply because with a 1.5 year old ( early riser ) its impossible to do anything in the morning. Moreover its very easy for me to pack lunches at night when it is peace and quite.

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