Preparing for a weeks holiday

vacationHolidaying away with a large family requires lots of planning, preparation and packing. This upcoming weekend, the No Excuses household are heading off for a week away with another large sized family ~ there will be 9 of us and 10 of them.  

We are going to share a holiday house and of course need to bring quite a few things including linen (which is really annoying) and our food for 7 days and nights; which will be quite a lot of individual meals to make for 19 people!



Packing the clothes and suitcases wont be too difficult, it’s the sheets and towels plus other items (almost the kitchen sink) that will also be needed and organised.


The house we are staying in accommodates or sleeps 12 people, therefore along with the ORANGE highlighted bedding No Excuses is taking below, we will also take a blow up Dbl bed mattress and two roll-out single ones for little tots on the floor; making a total of 7 sheet sets to take along.  We also need to bring personal and beach towels, tea towels, floor mats too.

There are five bedroom (sleeps 12) 
BR 2 – BUNKS X 2 (sleeps 4) 
BR 5 – BUNK (sleeps 2) 

Most accommodation don’t seem to have enough cooking equipment or pots and pans, therefore we are also taking the following items from the No Excuses kitchen:

Breville 800 Class Professional Grill ~ with that many to feed, this will come in handy for indoor BBQ’s, eggs, toasted sandwiches etc.


Breville Flavour Maker Crock pot & our old fashioned orange Crockpot (the less effort in cooking, the better).

BREVILLE ~ the Flavour Maker



 A large Saucepan / Pot & a large baking tray.

As for the meals, both myself and the other mother got together and planned a menu for the week along with a shopping list (see below).  

We are leaving Sunday morning, however bringing all those groceries along with our suitcases and other stuff wont leave much room for the children to sit in the vans (which might be a good idea), therefore, Saturday night I am preparing Sunday nights meal – see link here, estimating about 40 drumsticks, bringing the uncooked rice and salad mix.  We are also taking all our meat (which will be pre frozen), some breakfast items for Monday morning and each of us are also taking 2 x 3ltr milks and some bread.  For Sunday lunch we will also bringing a pre cooked corned beef for sandwiches etc.  

Monday we plan to do our big shop at ALDI – (which is about an hour away as the local store is just a small IGA and most probably expensive).

holiday shop list

As for the desserts each night, I have purchased several aluminium BBQ trays with lids (2 pack from Coles) and going to make the following desserts, freeze them and pack into our travel esky (full of ice) for the drive to our destination.

bbq tray

Sticky Date Cake
Peach & Fruit Salad Crumble
Cheese Cake Brownies
Apple Crumble Cake
Anzac Slice – snacks
Weetbix Slice – snacks

Thankfully there is a local RSL in town and we are hoping ‘us’ parents will at least have a couple of meals away from the mob too (if not drinks after work)!


If you wish to follow our Mega family holiday adventures (and see some various photos), tune into the No Excuses Facebook page for updates during next week.

Now, I better get back to packing, cooking and organising for this so called adventure.


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