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My eldest boy is 7 tomorrow and we will be having a birthday party for him on Saturday (wish me luck – there will be twelve 7 year old boys – plus an extra 7 kids of mine running around – ack). 

When I do a party, I normally only do healthy foods, no food colouring, fizzy drinks, lollies that are full of colours and preservatives (I get the natural kind).  I also normally do a sausage sizzle for lunch or party pies and sausage rolls.  The children also will get an icy-pole or ice-cream cone.  I never give out lolly bags (to take home), they eat the birthday cake at the party and get a packet of chips to take home instead.  This might sound stingy, but I like my kids to come home from a party ‘tired’ rather than hyped up and on a sugar fix.   As for drinks, they get fruit juice or water (none of those cordials that are red or green)!

For snacks I normally dish out pre cut fruit eg. apples, oranges  bananas (though these won’t be on the menu as they are too expensive at the moment).  

Anyway, while checking my subscription YouTube Channels this morning, look what popped up.  Thank you HappySlip because, now I have a fun Cooking with Kids task the girls can prepare for the party (perhaps the 7 year old to be can do this too)!

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