No Excuses whatsoever…. just 3 years of hard work and counting….

We all have excuses, some are legitimate and justifiable, while others have No Excuses whatsoever and when it comes to exercising, many factors need to be considered.  

Weight 66kg (145.5)

Exercising was a thing of the past once I had children, I chose to raise my family of 7 children which left little time to exercise or look after myself .  Of course there is NOTHING wrong with this as sometimes, it’s not possible to exercise and believe me when I tell you I regard looking after ones family a very good excuse.  

However, I got to the point where I really needed to do something about my physical appearance and well being. The reflection in the mirror was far from appealing and I didn’t like what I was looking at (nor did I like being photographed); after all, I carried and birthed 7 children and have the stretch marks to prove it, but I was always tired and worn out and by the end of the day I had no energy whatsoever and was becoming very run down.  

Of course I had other issues I was dealing with as well (see here), however after looking at a photo of myself (see left) and finally having my 7th child starting Kinder 3 days a week, I thought it was high time to start looking after myself for a change.

Therefore in January 2013, I took the first step and joined a gym and instead of just organising the family, I made my own chore chart (see here) and scheduled my week around the daily chores as well as fitting in going to the gym 3 days a week while my youngest boy was at kinder.  

While attending the gym, I made my way around the cardiac and weight machines and afterwards took to the pool for an hours worth of laps.   Occasionally I also tried out some of the group classes, however while I was becoming fitter, I was not achieving the goal I wanted of losing weight and muscle toning.  

I stuck with the gym for about 6 – 8 months, however started to feel discouraged and also bored as the scales were not shifting and along with having the four permanent screws and a staple in my left ankle, I was not sure what else I could do in the form of exercise.Triple-Arthrodesis-Resized

Months later, gym fees also increased, my husband was out of work, so I ended up I cancelling my membership.  While not completely giving up on my goal, a friend introduced me to my current personal trainer and at our annual dinner auction school fundraiser, I managed to win a fitness voucher which included 4 weeks of boot camp for women (this included 3 mornings or 2 nights and Saturday mornings), a Private Health & Fitness Consultation (60 minutes), Comprehensive Fitness Assessment & Detailed Written Report (60 minutes),  Nutritional Assessment and Meal Plan, Individually Tailored Exercise Program Designed To Meet Your Fitness Goals, Six Bonus Health & Fitness Reports, plus a “21 Day Simple System To Your Best Health & Best Health”, it also said 100% Guaranteed Results!

For starters, let me point out and for those that follow this blog, all the food I cook in this house is usually from scratch and healthy.  I do not buy packaged food or anything processed, even sauces etc are all home made.  So when it came to see Robb Evans regarding the meal plan, I thought what I was consuming was healthy eating, however I was so wrong and in fact, I wasn’t eating enough!

warm chicken yumI thought by skipping meals the weight should have been coming off, however I should have been eating 6 meals throughout the day, while also controlling the portions and protein in take.  So with this in mind; a nutritional meal plan was designed for me (which I managed to follow), I started to eat regularly (no more skipping meals) and attended boot camp 3 days a week.  It was amazing to see the kilos fall off, especially realising that a nutritional diet plays a big part in the whole weight loss process.


blended drink

As for exercise and training, once I started the boot camp and training with Robb Evans of Studioz Personal Training regularly, I also started to notice some big changes not only in my fitness level, but I was also given alternate exercises that have now strengthened my left ankle and its tendons; exercising after foot surgery can be done!

As for the outcome now, “a picture speaks a thousand words”, however, I am not one for posting “bikini’ clad before and after photos.


53kg (116.8) 



While the left photo does show my amazing weight loss, one can also see how “ill” and pale I looked from my previous women’s health issues.  Although I was exercising regularly, I was also missing quite a few sessions as well.  I battled through my mid cycle pains and had weeks off every month unable to do anything.  

My internal illness was impacting my exercise and by the end of 2014, I was so unwell that I spent the first 6 months of 2015 battling with one illness after another which you can read about here:  They say…life begins at 40…. & Bye to misery; hello to life & recovery.

Of course I then had to take it easy after my major surgery which meant taking 3 months off any form or exercise (apart from walking).  




Four months after my surgery, I started to pick up again and got my energy back (in fact, I felt amazing – see here) I also lost 3 kilograms (including my upper torso) and had been exercising regularly again while attending Boot Camp 3 days ~ Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings and during the last winter school holidays, I was able to get to boot camp 4 days a week, which also included Tuesday or Thursday nights (I can only do this when there is no homework and after school commitments etc).

Reached my goal of 50kg (110.2) and maintaining my current weight.


The results speak for themselves!  

Studioz Personal training has been very supportive and has motivated me to reach my goals,  I am now stronger and healthier than I have ever been and went from a frumpy tired mum, to fit, trim and slim; just being able to fit into my pre wedding sized clothes or having to go raid my 15 and 16 yr old daughters wardrobe (as well as go shopping) for clothes that fit me is the best feeling ever!






So to wrap it up, I now have No Excuses whatsoever to achieve my next goal of becoming a lot more stronger (able to do pull-ups, chin-ups and lifting my full body weight).  My previous surgery was almost 8 months ago, and I can honestly say that I have never felt healthier than I am today in a very long time. 

And by this new way of life, I hope I will be able to continue to look after and attend to my wonderful family for years to come as they and myself get older; and if a mother of seven can do it, one day (when you are ready), you can do it too.

A little snippet of what I can now do:




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