No Excuses ~ Top 5 Small Kitchen Appliances

il_340x270.641400537_7xgzWe live in a age where small kitchen appliances are a must and most families have a variety of these to help with food preparation in the kitchen; however, have you actually gone through your cupboards and worked out what is used more often than others?  

What is your favourite small appliance?  Do you have some you never use in storage?  

Here are the top 5 appliances No Excuses uses on a regular basis: 


1.   Kenwood Chef Mix Master (KM300) – purchased over 17 years ago and in full working order. It gets used almost every day for making desserts, cakes and/or cooking such as mixing mince or vegetable rissoles and even pastry for quiche and pies etc.

There are also lots of attachments that can be purchased for the Kenwood and I also have the following:

grater slicer

  • High speed Grater /  Slicer attachment – great for bulk vegetables such as onions, carrots, zucchini etc.  
  • 015280001Juicer / citrus press attachment – I do not use this often, however when our lemon trees are full or we have an abundance of oranges; it is a fast way to juice.




2.   Breville Bread Maker (BBM600) – purchased about 2 years ago and previously owned the older model for 9 years.   This appliance again get used often for not only bread, but pizza dough, pasta dough and even jam!  

3.  Breville “Flavour Maker” ~ 7 Litre Slow Cooker with EasySear™ Pan –  this appliance would have to be my favourite (and you can read my review here) , crock pots / slow cookers are a must for any sized family and the meals are endless – there is NOTHING you can’t make in a slow cooker!


4.  Ninja® Master Prep – this appliance was a gift from my mother and I must admit that I have only now started using it more often.  It blends, chops and mixes at an instant.  It’s small, light and quick to get out and use.  I use it to make my smoothes, quickly chop up veggies for my spaghetti sauce or rice dishes and to cut up herbs.  


 5.  Stab Blender – everyone needs one of these for soups in the pot, mixing or mashing.


No Excuses cooks for 9 people on a regular basis and the 5 small appliances above do the job with ease.  

What small appliance can’t you do without in your kitchen?  

What are your top 5 kitchen appliances?

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