Never complain about your role or job again…

Have you ever complained about your job or the chores you have to do?  

Does being a mother take a toll on you sometimes? Come on mums, we all have our share of worries and frustrations.  

But….when it comes to cleaning there are definitely some chores which are up there on the list that are the “worst of the worst” and just to name a few:



  • Toilet training really is the pits and seriously if each child came with a user manual, we would know the right time is to start toilet training that child. Accidents on the floor and in knickers is just one of those horrid chores with child rearing.  If I can share one experience with you, it would have to be, don’t allow a child to pee all over the house and NEVER EVER allow a child to leave the house and go out in public without a nappy UNTIL they are fully toilet trained – the results can be disastrous and offensive to the onlooker!

Why is this woman smiling?

  • Cleaning the kids bathroom (especially if you have boys); this is another terrible job and especially when those little darlings have smeared brown on walls, used a towel instead of toilet paper or hosed down around the toilet area with urine. When will someone please invent a self cleaning toilet or bathroom for that matter?
  • Nappy disasters – this could fall into the toilet training category, however it can also have a point of its own. Babies and toddlers (some of them) seem to have a complete fascination with playing with that brown stuff by either removing their nappies or just handling the stuff while creating decorative wall art, face and body painting, using it as modelling clay or play dough, pressing it and making patty cakes or even worse eating it ….absolutely disgusting.
  • Sitting through weeks of sporting weekends in the cold winter months, this might not seem too bad for some, however if you live in Melbourne or the southern parts of AUS, winter sport mornings can be quite miserable.


Of course, sometimes our husbands complain about their job and how hard it is or how they dislike it….perhaps you have a friend who complains often about their job or role too, well I have the answer to this…. and after you watch this short video, you will NEVER complain about your job EVER again!

Those horrid things I mentioned above seem quite pleasant now don’t they…..and even the toilet training…….well maybe not!
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  1. Bev Kells Bev Kells
    18, September 2014    

    That totally freaked me out, and I’m not even scared of snakes! Many times, I have removed very large Diamond Pythons from our backyard, bird cage(after eating one of our Cockatiels), and various places, but that! Ewwww.

  2. Sandra Tan Sandra Tan
    19, September 2014    

    Oh, I so get you on the cleaning kids’ toilet part! Urgh… I have two boys (and the hubby, so that makes three) – and I absolutely hate cleaning the toilet. But not as much as I hate dirty toilets! Hahaha!

  3. 20, January 2015    

    Full agreement on the toilet situation. With five of our 8 being male, cleaning this room always makes me feel as if I am the janitor at Flinders Street Station – they get so dirty it’s all the same thing in my mind!

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