My fourth child’s (and 4th daughter) Confirmation Day

If you read my previous post from yesterday , you would have seen that I had prepared tonight’s meal in advance.

I have a crock-pot “Roast” Whole Chicken with a spicy Paprika Rub cooking away.  

Steam and a bit of the rub is on the sides,
but it is looking and smelling good

The Mushroom Gravy is already to go too.

Some Chats and Red Pontiac Potatoes with fresh Rosemary, Garlic, Paprika, Olive Oil & Salt ready to go into a baking tray for the oven.  (recipe coming…this is so easy)!

And a Mediterranean/Greek Salad on the side, along with some Vienna sliced bread and butter.

As for Dessert, “Best Ever Chocolate Cake“. 

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  1. 17, August 2011    

    wow you are truly organised, I am making homemade pizzas for tonight (have my dough resting, ready for an early dinner!)

  2. 17, August 2011    

    Good work. (You should have rolled them already though) 😛 Did you make from scratch or in the bread machine?

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