“Lunch orders please”!

Making school lunches would have to be one of those mundane tasks, something that seems to be left till the end of the day or right before bed time. Or perhaps your family makes them up first thing in the morning.  I have even heard of people making up batches of sandwiches and freezing them.

With 7 children attending school and kinder and a husband working, each night consists of 7-9 sandwiches to prepare (which is basically a whole loaf of sliced bread).  Making lunches in the evening is far easier than first thing in the morning for our household and quite a production line too.


The lunch making process is up to the children and two are “rostered” on to do this task.   Each lunch consists of a sandwich/roll, recess snack/s and piece of fruit.  In the summer time, their water bottle is frozen.

Of course, what goes onto the lunches is an issue for some; therefore, a simple lunch menu has been designed and each ‘order’ is written on for chart for the week (DAD area just gets a  or x).

lunch menu

While one child butters or spreads the bread, the other cuts and prepares the ingredients.


Lunches are placed into Tupperware Sandwich Keepers and have a the child’s initial fixed to the box using Restickables and a circular initial.

lunch box labels



Of a morning there are NO EXCUSES for lunches being mixed up!

Stickers are put onto the fridge for further use at the following evenings lunch making process.


Another alternative to labelling the kids lunch-boxes (if you don’t want to use restickables), is using a simple rubber band (to form a cow-hitch knot) and a hole punch. 

When not in use hook to fridge with a magnet clip.

One child has the job of packing the lunches into each lunch box, while the other gets out the drink bottles.


Of course, what goes onto the sandwiches varies; (above someone has ordered leftover sausages with tomato sauce); however the majority of the time its ham and cheese, Vegemite, jam, honey and peanut butter!

As for the snacks and recess, these vary from store bought muesli bars to home-made goodies.  Here are a few of my recess recipes below:

Here is a great idea of how to store and keep those pantry thieves away from the snacks for recess.

Finally, if anyone gets something they don’t like inside their lunch-boxes its either “like it or lump it” and guess what’s on the menu for afternoon tea ~ YOUR LUNCH!


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  1. Ann Maureen Anzul Ann Maureen Anzul
    18, July 2013    

    You’re brilliant! 🙂

  2. Tracy Kors Tracy Kors
    22, July 2013    

    Do you add a freezer block for the one’s having cold ingredients, and does it keep the contents cold even through the sandwich keeper?

    • 23, July 2013    

      In the summertime we do put in a small freezer block. Winter time is not necessary (especially in Melbourne) 😛

      • Tracy Kors Tracy Kors
        23, July 2013    

        I more add a freezer pack for the food safety aspect, keeping things like Egg, Cheese, Ham chilled. It’s just when I add a freezer block my son complains it makes the bread too cold and sometimes soggy 🙁 Was just wondering if the sandwich and contents stayed cold in the sandwich keeper? Might try today and see how he goes. Thanks.

        • 23, July 2013    

          Yes the sandwich keepers do help and of course they stay fresh and no sogginess 😉 Plus the lunch boxes are also insulated too 🙂

          • Tracy Kors Tracy Kors
            26, July 2013    

            Little bugger still didn’t eat it 🙁 Not sure why, but when I asked upon coming home from school, I got the guilty look. Why does he not eat sandwiches at school, arghhh, lol…. I’ve tried every scenario to fix whatever the problem is, but I’m now thinking it’s just him.

          • 26, July 2013    

            I have a child that also brings home uneaten sandwiches…..I put them back in the box for the next day….or they eat it when they return home from school.

          • Tracy Kors Tracy Kors
            26, July 2013    

            Hehehe, my little bugger doesn’t even bring it back home, just bins it. I eventually said just make one when you get home from school then, but his teacher was getting concerned when all he had was snacks at school 🙁 I’ll have to make another batch of cheese and bacon rolls, thou they have a funny taste (think it’s the yeast?) He is the fussiest of my 4 thou, the others just take either crackers & cheese or a sandwich thankfully 🙂

          • jane jane
            9, October 2013    

            have you tried a wrap? Mine doesn’t often eat the sandwich, but he will eat a wrap with bbq chick, avo, grated carrot and mayo to make it less dry.. They don’t tend to go soggy either…

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