Loch Sport, VIC ~ large family accomodation

No Excuses spent a weeks holiday away (with another family of 10) in this quiet little town of Loch Sport amongst the seagulls, black swans, wandering echidna and roaming local kangaroos.

This lovely 5 bedroom accommodation known as The Boat House has stunning views of Lake Victoria. It was comfortable (just like home) and roomy with enough beds for 12 people.  Seeing we had 19 people in the house, we also were able to bring along some blow up mattresses and camp beds to accommodate another 7 little sleeping bodies.


The home is situated right across the road from the Marina Hotel (where us parents also wined & dinned one evening away from the 15 children while managing to walk home too)!

A short distance from the Marina Hotel is the start of a safe and easy bike track/path that leads along the lake for about 2kms.  The the older children were allowed to go off riding alone and had many an adventure along the way, while taking photos of the passing swans and local kangaroo by the path side.

They also did a spot of fishing off the Marina wharf and further down along the bike track.

Half way along is a park is a play area for the kids to stop to have a climb, swing or slide. 

Directly opposite the park is the one and only supermarket in town – a very small and expensive Foodworks. If you don’t mind paying through the nose (almost $10 for 4 litre ice cream and close to $5.00 for 2 litres of milk), I highly recommend you to shop for groceries in the town of Sale which is about an hours drive away. At Sale you can choose from Woolies, Coles or Aldi to shop, however do your shop either before arriving or make a special trip into town.  The house had a large pantry/cupboard and two fridges (with freezers) giving plenty of room to store a weeks worth of groceries (No Excuses organised the weeks meals and food beforehand – see here of what we also had to bring with us).  

Thankfully the house also had two bathrooms & 2 separate toilets (with hand basins). Bathroom 1 (Upstairs) is very large and features a large corner bath, shower and vanity. Bathroom 2 (downstairs) is also very large and features a shower, vanity and laundry too.    Of course make sure you bring extra toilet paper with you too as large families go through quite a bit!

If you like walking or cycling, there are plenty of places to explore close by and where ever you venture, you will see wild kangaroos.

There are also beautiful beaches and landscapes, bushwalks and many areas to explore.  My children obviously didn’t feel the cold during our recent holiday (not warm enough for myself to go swimming though). 

Loch Sport Boat House was indeed for everyone and of course very relaxing (even if there were 19 mouths to feed in the house, I still got to put my feet up just a little).

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