Large Family Calendar

Planning your time, appointments and meals can be organised easier if you have a large calendar.  This one is the size of two A3 pages (the top and bottom sections are both A3 sized).
The BLUE = appointments. RED = MENU.  Any other notes in another colour.

Notices, cards, or forms are attached via the clips.

The calendar is viewed EVERY morning or previous evening (this can also help with getting frozen meat out the night before).  It’s a great size for all the family to see including reading the menu and working out what needs to be done etc.  I highly recommend getting one this size for every Large Family.

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  1. 4, December 2011    

    well even though your on your own for the most of the month you seem to be organised completely! thinking i should get my bum back into gear and do the same. All the best and stregth for december!

  2. 4, December 2011    

    Thank you Simple Mummy. Everyone’s situation if different and each has their own coping methods too. All the best too.

  3. 4, December 2011    

    I need my routines as well. I was going to say good on you for being so organised – but I know you need to be! All the best for the next 4 weeks as you fly solo.

  4. 4, December 2011    

    love that calendar!

  5. 5, December 2011    

    Yes, it is a fantastic size and designed by a parent at the school my children attend (this family have 12 children)!

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