Laptop vs. Tablet?

Recently, my husband brought home an iPad for me to play with for a week or two.  After using it for a little while, I thought it was fun and entertaining and even contemplated getting one of my own.  However after reading the following it confirmed what I had already figured out.   
I have a knack for technology and am quite computer savvy so I found this article to be quite interesting:

The Pros and Cons of both when making your next computing purchase.
Computing technology continues to advance – we get used to one form of computer and then the latest update is upon us! With a diverse range of PCs, laptops and tablets in the market today, there’s a smorgasbord of computing products to choose from. For those considering a new personal computing purchase, the main difficulty comes when choosing between the laptop and the tablet.

If you’re having trouble deciding between the two, here are some things to consider when making your choice.

While both the laptop and tablet are portable, the tablet is considerably lighter and more compact. With 3G and wireless connectivity, the tablet is suited to those who want or need to connect to the internet on the go. For those who need to work (using applications such as word processor or spreadsheets) remotely, the laptop remains the most convenient portable option. 

The different applications offered on tablets and laptops will suit different computing needs. For those using their computers for business purposes, accessing Office programs or similar word processing capabilities then a laptop will be the obvious choice. For those who want the convenience of accessing the internet, e-mail and social networks on the go, but who do not need mature and business capable applications, then the tablet will meet their requirements. Applications on tablets are also relatively inexpensive when compared with software for laptops.

Very few tablets are equipped with USB or display ports, and none come with CD/DVD players. The laptop therefore, still out does the tablet in terms of features and multimedia capabilities. Depending on your preferences, the size of the screen and keyboard these will also play a part in your decision. Virtual keyboards have advanced and are now easy to use, but some people will still prefer the physical touch of a keyboard for ease of use. On the other hand the simplicity, compact nature and portability of tablets are more suited to many people’s computing needs. Another benefit of the tablet is that it has an instant ‘on’ button.

Price tag will undoubtedly play a part in your next computing purchase. Tablets are still relatively expensive, while laptop prices have dropped significantly in recent years. Tablet technology is changing and developing at a rapid pace, so if you’re worried about your tablet quickly becoming outdated, try tablet rental instead. Equipment rental allows you to update your technology every 2 years.  Consider your budget and whether a tablet or laptop in that price range offers the best computing capabilities for your needs. 
There are pros and cons to both the laptop and the tablet. When it comes down to it, the choice between the two is not really whether one is better than the other. It’s about what machine best suits your computing, work or technological needs.  In rough terms, tablets are better for play and some work, and laptops are better for work and some play. But making the decision between the two will come down to how you plan to use your machine.

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