Labeling school clothing & dots on socks

Labeling clothes in preparation for school is something every family should do.  Keeping track of missing items can be very hard and especially if your item of clothing is NOT labelled, once items are lost replacing them can become very costly and expensive, therefore if you clearly mark your children’s clothing there is a higher chance of having them returned to their rightful owners.
There are many alternatives  to labeling clothing such as a handheld labeling machine, hand stitching initials onto garments, using a permanent marker on the tags (however some tags are not big enough for names) or a simple and effective way is also using material paints which are also permanent and don’t come off .  One can easily write names on the back of collars, inside blazer jackets or waistbands, on skirts, culottes or shorts etc.
Traveler Z 14
material paint

Labeling all the school socks with material paints is a fantastic idea too.  Washing and sorting is so much easier when socks are either colour coded or marked with an initial.

You can image the amount of socks there are in the No Excuses household with all 7 children attending school this year.  Here is a simple idea I came up with; each child has their own colour coded socks and they are also easy to match up when folding (and also hanging on the line).   


There is no fighting over school socks in this house.

Material paints can be purchased from Spotlight or any material/craft store. 


Just another easy organising tip for any sized family.

Take a look here, as you might like to make an individual sock organiser too!

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  1. Cybele @ BlahBlah Cybele @ BlahBlah
    8, February 2014    

    The dots are a fantastic idea. Thank you for sharing x

  2. 8, February 2014    

    That’s a clever idea. I’m sure it avoids a lot of arguments.

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