How to keep the worst brush clean and sterilised

Toilet brushes are just down right gross, they tend to fray quickly or even break after constant use.  The brush can not be replaced alone as you need to purchase a whole new set (even though you just need the brush).  Some of the toilet brush holders don’t even hold the brush or cover it entirely and at most times, after we use this brush its put back into its holder and not thought of until its used again. 

That holder can also collect lots of germs and bacteria too, do you clean this after each use?

Then there is the fact that the brush is useless and doesn’t even reach those hard to get to places; therefore, only recently I came up with a cheap alternative by purchasing a long neck round dish scrubbing brush (which you can get at any store).  The handle is long enough, yet the brush is the right size for the dirty job at hand.  



No Excuses loves recycling and coming up with easy ideas around the home; once again the good old 3 litre (once empty) milk bottle came to good use.

I cut the to top off just before the handle area (so the brush had a slot to sit in).

In the bottom I added a little disinfectant and a splash of bleach, filled with water and placed the brush inside.

Now the brush will be clean and sterilised after each use.

(of course the liquid should be changed as often as necessary too)
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  1. Marnni Morris Marnni Morris
    10, December 2014    

    I am stealing th s one…

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