There is no rules as to what ingredients should go on a pizza, even left overs from the night before can be put on a pizza including stir-fries, casseroles or stews.  Baked potatoes, sweet potato and pumpkin sliced are also great pizza toppings.

As for the cheese, there is Mozzarella, however it is a little expensive.  So I sometimes use tasty cheese and slice off a 1kg cheese block or pre grated.  


Bread Machine Pizza Dough can also be made by hand and I have done so in my Kenwood Chef Mix Master – with the kneading tool.  Of course the process does take a little longer with a few more hours to have the dough rise and knead again.

Home made pizza dough can also be pre made and frozen for meal planning.  Supermarkets sell a variety of aluminium trays and dough can easily rolled out and frozen ready to use for a another day.  The above recipe makes 4 pizzas for my freezer.

pizza trays rolled out pizzas

pizza to freeze

When cooking fresh home made pizza dough, have the temperature set at 230C oven for about 20 mins.
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