Going NUDE……..with food

No Excuses has a motto ~ easy organising, easy cooking; making everyday life a little easier and what I am about to show you, falls into these categories. Running a house of 9 people at times can be hard work and when it comes to food preparation and those school lunches, you can only imagine the amount of time it takes to put together and organise the lunches for the following day of school or work.

Fortunately, the school lunches are made by the children here at No Excuses and each night one particular person has the job of making 7 lunches (hubby or myself will do his).  We have always used containers to pack our lunches in, mainly because it’s much easier than using plastic food wrap, the sandwiches stay fresh, do not go soggy nor get squashed inside the school bag.

We have two different containers as you can see above, however No Excuses has recently discovered NUDE FOOD MOVERS.  Not only do they come in sandwich box sized containers, there is actually a large variety of Nude Food containers for JUST ABOUT ANYTHING!

Their SNACK BOXES are great for the kids recess such as fruit, home made bars and slices, muffins and even cake.

Nude Food Movers are not only for the kids of the family, adults can use them too, in fact, I love using the large Light Lunch box for hubby to take to work.  There is plenty of room for two sandwiches, fruit and snacks, such as yoghurt, nuts, or a muffin etc.  And because he has to travel over 2 hours to get to work, there is a thermal Cool Skin available to purchase in order to keep his food cool for the car ride.  

I just hope he packs a healthy lunch inside this every day when he is away during the week too.

For my own meals, this little yoghurt mover is wonderful.  After my boot camp of a morning, I need a snack before I get home and I use to buy the small tubs that would fit nicely in my bag, however I also needed to pack it in a cooler bag so it wouldn’t go off while it sat in the car waiting for my return.  The yoghurt mover is leak proof and transportable and enables you to take your own healthy yoghurt (from my larger tub in the fridge), or chopped fruit and purees with you wherever you go.  Equipped with a spoon and freeze gel walls, I no longer need to worry about  it going off in the car!

Freeze the removable wall overnight to keep your yoghurt and snacks cooler for longer.

Have you ever made a wrap or long roll to for a takeaway lunch and ‘had’ to use plastic wrap or foil in order for it to stay fresh and together?  I love this Wrap or Roll container and I find its perfect for a home made wrap when you are on the go all day and need a bite to eat and it fits nicely in the handbag too 😉

  wrap holder  

 Another reason for also loving NUDE FOOD MOVERS, is that they are dishwasher safe.

dishwasher safe

Now that I have bragged about how great these containers are, you too have the chance to try them out for yourself as a part of National Nude Food Day, No Excuses is giving one reader a chance to win a $50 Nude Food Movers pack below (winner to choose one colour – pink, black or blue).

Easy entry, via Rafflecopter below; make sure you tell us in 50 words or less in the comments below ~ What appeals to you most about the Nude Food Movers’ range?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This give away is open to Australian residents only.

Winners will be contacted via ~ lisa@noexcuseseasyorganising.com for their postal/mailing address and a mobile number.

If a winner has not replied within 48hrs and new one will be drawn.

Winner to choose either PINK, BLACK or BLUE pack.

Good luck everyone!



Nude Food Movers believe in saving the planet one lunch at a time. Reduce, re-use and recycle with a handy range of products to help you on your ‘nude food’ adventures. Available in all good retailers. For more information on the Nude Food Movers range by Smash visit www.nudefoodmovers.com.au | Facebook: Nude Food Movers | Instagram: @nudefoodmovers

Nude Food Movers is the brand behind Nude Food Day, a nationwide program and event held in primary schools nationwide during October. Whether you are a parent, carer, school or simply want more info on how you can do your bit for the environment sign up today at www.nudefoodday.com.au | Facebook: National Nude Food Day







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  1. Nicole Clark Nicole Clark
    11, August 2015    

    What I love most is that a rubbish free lunch is possible. That means no waste to impact on our environment. It would be great to think I could contribute to a better environment for my children and their children to geow up in

  2. Maree Moffat Maree Moffat
    11, August 2015    

    I love Nude Food containers. Plastic wrap or bags are expensive and can be difficult for little fingers. I love also how durable they are compared to other containers.

  3. Joy Joy
    14, August 2015    

    They are the right shape for different foods with no spills and no rubbish left over

  4. Nem Moran Nem Moran
    15, August 2015    

    I love how easy my kids find these to use, we only have the circled containers at the moment and both my 2 year old and 5 year old can open them with ease, also love that they never leak lol had so many cases of yogurt or watermelon juice etc through everything and its disgusting

  5. Jade Jade
    16, August 2015    

    We love the waste free lunches nude food containers provides. We also love the gorgeous colours, making lunch time fun!

  6. AmberB AmberB
    17, August 2015    

    Zero waste and money saved – what could be better?!

  7. Chrissie Nugent Chrissie Nugent
    17, August 2015    

    They are a great size to fit in bags and make our lunches rubbish free

  8. sapshu sapshu
    26, August 2015    

    Best thing is the hinged lids – Lunchboxes & snack boxes have hinged lids which means no more lost lids at school. Being dishwasher & microwave safe means they will last for a long time if taken good care of..

  9. Norma Hutson Norma Hutson
    13, October 2015    

    So easy , effective , cheap and convenient especially yogurt and wrap movers.No more packing two ice bricks in a lunch box which adds weight to an already heavy schoolbag.

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